Fnatic vs. Spirit Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

Fnatic vs. Spirit Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 is in full fledge with the groups A and B already all wrapped. Surprisingly enough, G2 Esports took their revenge on Astralis and finished on top of the group A. The Great Danes finished second while Heroic took the last place leading to the lower bracket after defeating North in the final round of the group. Even more surprisingly, BIG ruled over group B and Mousesports got eliminated without a single win, confirming their poor run of form in online events.

Today, we’re going to be addressing Fnatic vs. Spirit predictions. Yep, we’re turning our attention to group C that has the potential to be the group of death. With Faze, Fnatic, GODSENT, and Team Spirit on board, we’re definitely up for a few shockers. So yeah, all you CS:GO betting enthusiasts preparing for this one – you will be swept off your feet!

Fnatic vs. Spirit Predictions

As most of you know by now, Fnatic’s ESL One: Road to Rio campaign was a total bust. In the end, they lost against Movistar Riders in the 11th place match – talk about an all-new low for the Swedish CS:GO giants, huh?

However, we have to mention Fnatic’s performance in the event that preceded ESL One: Road to Rio. Of course, I’m referring to the Pro League which Fnatic won after beating Mousesports in the grand final. In an absolutely thrilling grand final, mind you.

These two events aren’t exactly good for portraying the overall quality of Fnatic. I mean, they are, but they’re showing off two vastly different pictures that don’t really help bring our Fnatic vs. Spirit predictions one way or another.

What could help us is a quick analysis of Team Spirit’s recent performances… and my oh my, they’re looking quite astonishing. Team Spirit won ESL One: Road to Rio CIS without a single lost match on the event. True, they didn’t play against NaVi since they got eliminated in group B. Still, solid wins against some of CIS’s greats, including Winstrike, Gambit Youngsters and ForZe made Spirit a force to be reckoned with in the region.

Fnatic vs. Spirit Predictions

All in all, despite Fnatic’s poor run of form coming out of ESL One: Road to Rio, I am confident the Swedes will wake up and reach a resounding win against the Russians. It’s not going to be as straightforward as most people think, especially considering Team Spirit’s map pool.

Mir and the boys have better stats on Mirage, Dust 2, Train and Overpass, while the likes of Inferno, Nuke, and Vertigo are a matter of nuances. The third map is highly likely to happen, but I don’t want to overcomplicate things right from the start. A simple match-winner will do the trick for our Fnatic vs. Spirit predictions!

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