Fnatic vs. TSM Esports Betting Predictions | LoL World Championship Group Stage

2020 LoL Fnatic Vs TSM

2020 LoL Worlds is nearing the last day of its group stage, but there’s still a bunch of stuff that hasn’t been settled just yet. DAMWON and Top Esports are the only undefeated teams after the first half of group stage matches, with everything on the line for all participating teams across all four groups.

Today, though, we’ll be focusing on group C where we have an interesting encounter between LCS hope Team SoloMid and LEC’s wonderkid Fnatic.

Yep, Fnatic vs. TSM predictions are our subject here, so without further ado, let’s jump to the important stuff.

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Fnatic vs. TSM Predictions

Thus far in group C, Fnatic, Gen.G, and LGD are at the top of the table with two wins and one loss each. Team SoloMid are at the very bottom, still without a single win on the event… and this fourth-round encounter against the second-best LEC team is their last chance.

Should they lose, they’re out of the competition.

They’ll still have to play against LGD and Gen.G, but those two matches wouldn’t have any direct effect on their placement.

Fnatic, on the other hand, need to build up on their first-leg win against the LCS side and cement their position in the playoffs. Keep in mind, though, even if Fnatic wins against TSM, they’ll still need at least one more win.

Obviously, Fnatic is in a much better position than Team SoloMid. However, both teams are still in it to win it, and that’s the only thing that matters for our Fnatic vs. TSM predictions!

Tactical Prowess

Whenever Team SoloMid is in the lobby, you can expect a defensive contest with careful, thoroughly planned out action that doesn’t involve much risk. Fnatic, on the other hand, will want to show off their pure mechanical brilliance.

They’re not going to sit back, relax, and allow TSM to do their thing.

They’ll want fast pushes, effective ganks, and a whole lot of kills on Nemesis! Selfmade’s presence was superb in the first leg. The question is – can he provide once again this Saturday?

Could We See a Rerun?

Fnatic and TSM faced off in the opening round of group C. Selfmade was the MVP, following an impressive display with Evelynn in the jungle. It was one of those tightly contested matches; one of those passive, defensive, and outright boring matches that don’t like splattering the action around too much.

Heck, Biofrost and Bjergsen didn’t get a single kill in the entire game… and they weren’t even half bad. Another heck – TSM had just five kills at the end of the matchup. Don’t think Fnatic had a lot more – twelve… which is pretty low considering this was a 35-minute contest.

In all honesty, I believe we are going to see a rerun! My Fnatic vs. TSM predictions suggest Fnatic will win another hard-fought match with scarce action and plenty of unsuccessful ganks!

Wrapping Things Up

Even though many expected TSM to finally break through the group stage in what was a pretty favorable group, I think it’s clear that they’ll be going straight home this Sunday! They’re oh and three at the moment, and Fnatic’s boys ought to make it oh and four on Saturday.

TSM’s inability to compete at the highest level just goes to show you what a mess the LCS is.

I’m not pointing any fingers; I’m just stating the obvious for the sake of transparency of my Fnatic vs. TSM predictions.

Talking about predictions, here’s what I have in store for you guys:

Fnatic vs. TSM Betting Predictions
Fnatic to Win!

Odds are courtesy of Betway. You can check out our Betway review here. And for users in the United States check out Bovada for odds.

That’s about it, fellas! Hope you’ve enjoyed the show; hope you’ll follow my LoL Worlds betting tips and make some profit before the end of LoL Worlds.

As always  thanks for sticking till the very end!

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