Fnatic vs. Vitality | BLAST Premier Showdown EU Playoffs Betting Predictions

Fnatic Vs Vitality Blast Premier

The European BLAST Premier Showdown event isn’t over just yet! There are still four more matches left to be played in the next few days. First up, we have two semifinals matches. As most of you probably know by now, Astralis was eliminated by Mousesports and Dignitas got their portion from Vitality. Now, the winners are going up against ENCE and Fnatic for a chance to snatch one of three available BLAST Premier EU Finals tickets.

As the title suggests, we are going to talk about Fnatic vs. Vitality predictions here. By looking at the recent matches, it’s pretty tricky to name a clear winner. To do so, we’ll have to go a bit deeper. Are you guys ready for a stats-crawling adventure? Oh, who am I kidding – of course you are!

But, before we venture deep into the waters of CS:GO news and stats, let’s check out the most frequently asked questions regarding CS:GO betting:

Answering CS:GO Betting FAQs

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Fnatic vs. Vitality Predictions

Fnatic’s group stage was pretty solid, apart from that surprising first-round loss to MAD Lions. Still, that didn’t phase the Swedes one bit – they still got out of the group and qualified straight to the semifinals. Driven by Brollan and flusha, this Fnatic roster is looking good when they’re all having a good day. When they’re not, it’s a catastrophe, to say the least…

Here are the main pros for betting on Fnatic:

  • Solid form (three wins from last five matches)
  • Brollan and flusha continue to dominate
  • The opposition relies on a single player

Vitality barely made it out alive against Dignitas. The ex-NiP roster stood their ground till the very last moments in what was a relatively tight third-map contest on Vertigo. Here’s a closer look at the main pros for betting on Vitality in the upcoming match against Fnatic:

  • ZywOo
  • Excellent form on Vertigo (five consecutive wins)
  • Slowly getting back to their usual form
  • Finally closing out crucial rounds

Considering all that, let’s move forward with our Fnatic vs. Vitality predictions and check out ZywOo’s influence and concrete CS:GO betting picks.

Can ZywOo Help Vitality Reach the Finals?

The question is – Can ZywOo show up for the occasion here and cement Vitality’s spot in the finals? I mean, the rest of the team is in the equation too, but they’re still relying on ZywOo meaning all Fnatic has to do is counter his plays and they’re basically through.

Please Note:
Even if ZywOo gives us all he’s got, Brollan and Flusha will be important factors too. Factors that greatly affect our Fnatic vs. Vitality predictions because, to put it simply, they’ve been in thrilling form recently.

That’s why I don’t want to go with a match-winner here. It’s just too difficult to choose. On one end, we have ZywOo, and on the other end we got an excellent team with two thrilling fraggers, flusha and Brollan. That’s why I’m going with total maps here. As usual, we’ll go with a risky total maps over 2.5 bet which, at least for the moment, sits at -112.

Fnatic vs. Vitality Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5

As always, thank you all for reading and hope to see you again for our next set of CS:GO picks!

Fingers crossed we continue with our winning streak…

Donnie out.

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