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Forze Vs Complexity FunSpark Ulti

Who would’ve thought that ForZe would throw down to the lower bracket… and then lose against an amateur team in the IEM XVI Summer Open Qualifiers. It’s been one heck of a ride for jerry and the boys, that’s for sure!

Complexity did what had to be done against HAVU. Even though many predicted a tighter encounter, k0nfig swept his Scandinavian brothers aside with majestic performances on Mirage and Overpass. Now they’re getting ready to battle ForZe in the next round, and our ForZe vs. Complexity picks piece is here for the full analysis!

ForZe vs. Complexity Predictions

It’s about time to kick our ForZe vs. Complexity betting predictions for all you CSGO betting nerds out there! Let’s begin!

Unfortunately, we have no concrete info to pull from recent head-to-head encounters.

How come?

Well, there weren’t any… at least not this year. The last time Complexity played against forZe was way back in early August last year.

Complexity took the win then, but we have to mention two wins by forZe that had happened a few months before that.


Form-wise, Complexity has to take the win here… if not for their solid ESL Pro League S13 run, then surely for their excellent results in the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring. CS_Summit 7 and IEM XV World Championship are two events that they’ll want to erase from memory as soon as possible, but hopefully they’re here to turn a new page. That opening-round win against HAVU does suggest that.

What about their next opponents, forZe?

Well, I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday; VP got their ass whooped by forZe in a match no one could’ve predicted. Overpass was a proper drama right till the final whistle, but we have to say that FL1T and the boys truly deserved it. Let’s just leave it at that for now, seeing as forZe’s recent events have absolutely nothing worth our while.

Map Pool Stats

We weren’t able to dig much stuff out from the map pool stats. ForZe’s stats are only better than Complexity on Train.

However, we shouldn’t forget how they’ve beaten VP on Mirage and Overpass. Complexity ought to be careful with these two. But, even when we these two out of the equation, I still can’t see forZe winning this one.

I’m trying, I really am… I know they’ve stomped VP… but come on, it was a lucky break on the second map. Complexity ought to teach forZe a lesson, mark my words!

Individual Aspects

I have to side with Complexity here despite excellent recent displays by forZe’s FL1T and zorte. Complexity’s roster isn’t just deeper but has much more firepower at virtually every position. ForZe will have a tough time establishing their presence on the server, and I reckon Complexity players are well aware of that.

They are the superior team here and they ought to act like it right from the very first round!

Well, that’d be all for our forZe vs. Complexity tips. Here’s a look at the official statement:

ForZe vs. Complexity Betting Predictions
Complexity to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

I know the return at -312 is outright awful here… but considering the way Complexity played in the first match, it’s all we’re going to get. I mean, they both won their opening-round matches, ForZe took down VP of all teams, so this one could go either way.

That said, it’s okay to bet on forZe if you’re hoping for an upset here.

There, I’ve said it – forZe beating Complexity would be a remarkable upset despite their opening-round win against VP. But, if you want a bet that’ll actually go through, you better opt for Complexity! They’re far from perfect, but they won’t slip up here, that I can almost guarantee!


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