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The American DreamHack Masters Spring event is coming to a close. The playoffs are all that remains, this being the first out of six matches still to go. FURIA vs. 100T predictions ought to be a popular search term today, which is why I’ve done my best to provide!

Our DH Masters betting campaign hasn’t been that successful thus far. We never managed to string together more than two winning wagers… and that’s exactly the kind of rhythm we want to start off here.

FURIA vs. 100T Predictions

For everyone interested in CS:GO betting, here’s what’s up with FURIA vs. 100T predictions:

FURIA is the Superior Side Here

FURIA is by far the superior side in this contest – there’s no question about that. KSCERATO and the boys topped group A with three resounding wins, and are looking like the prime candidates to take the flattering DreamHack Masters Spring NA title. First off, FURIA swept past MIBR, following it up with a blast against Team Liquid and then rounding everything off with a confident display against Chaos. There were a few hiccups here and there, but overall, the Brazilians looked superb!

100T’s Surprising Group B Finish

Yep, as most of you already know, 100 Thieves finished at the top spot of group B after solid wins against both Gen.G and Cloud9. The Aussies did lose to EG, but that match did not mean much in the end, for either of the two teams.

Jks and jkaem are still on top of their game. Over the course of the last month or so (last twelve maps), they have +47 and +46 K/D difference and 1.22/1.23 HLTV.org ratings. Those numbers depict their form perfectly! Liazz is up there with them too; Gratisfaction and AZR are bottom fragging, but their overall performances still aren’t half bad…

Final Thoughts

Another factor we need to mention to finalize our FURIA vs. 100T predictions is the map pool. FURIA is well-versed across a plethora of maps, but they are most confident on Mirage (undefeated in eleven matches), Inferno, and Overpass. The only maps 100T could have a slight advantage on are Dust 2 and Vertigo. Dust ought to be banned, and realistically speaking, FURIA’s qualities on Vertigo should be enough to push them through the Aussies.

So yeah, overall – FURIA seems like the favorite here, which is probably why the biggest esports betting sites have them at such low odds (roughly -185, depending on where you look). But, there’s a riskier path that you should at least consider opting for. It’s based on the correct score special and yields quite a hefty return.

FURIA vs. 100T Predictions

Yep, we’re going with a risky wager here. Correct score wagers are always tricky, but this one shouldn’t be too much of a problem going forward. The way FURIA has been playing in recent months makes me think they’ll ace this one without any issues.

But, if you’re not keen on going in risky like this, feel free to go with the standard match-winner on FURIA. At -185, it might not be the best value, but it’s still worth it seeing as 100T have only the slightest of chances of winning this one…

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