FURIA vs. Chaos | DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 Betting Predictions

From the looks of things, FURIA is going to top group A! Two rounds in, KSCERATO and the boys are 2-0, winning against MIBR and Liquid. The latter was a proper nailbiter, ending in a 42-round thriller that left thousands of viewers at the very edges of their seats.

Today, though, we won’t be focusing on that match. Instead, we’ll be analyzing FURIA vs. Chaos predictions, trying to find a good value in what should be a resounding win for FURIA. But, is that really going to be the case here? Let’s find out!

FURIA vs. Chaos Predictions

Believe it or not, this will be the first head to head encounter between FURIA and Chaos. Yes, I know Chaos’ has just recently entered the NA CS:GO scene, but this piece of info still struck me by surprise.

Needless to say, FURIA is coming into this one as the heavy favorite, and CS:GO bookies are well-aware of it, featuring miserable odds on FURIA to win.

That said, I’m afraid we’ll have to look elsewhere for value in our FURIA vs. Chaos predictions.

FURIA Looking Impressive

FURIA is in a brilliant form! Not only were they one step away from winning the North American ESL One: Road to Rio event, but they managed to transition their form to DreamHack Masters too. As stated earlier, FURIA is two from two thus far, defeating both MIBR and Team Liquid. Their third match, the match which they can use to cement their spot in the upper bracket, sees them going up against Chaos Esports Club.

Yep, we’re talking about the folks that shocked Team Liquid with a massive upset in the first round.

If Team Liquid gets eliminated in the group stage, Chaos is the reason why! Xeppa was the man of the hour, snatching 62 kills and averaging 95.6 damage per round. Yep, that ADR is outright sick!

However, the rest of his teammates weren’t really up to the task, which is why I believe Chaos is going to get stomped by FURIA. KSCERATO and the boys, despite already being one foot inside the upper bracket, won’t take it easy against Chaos.

My Pick
FURIA to Win 2-0!

As noted earlier, -750 on FURIA to win just isn’t worth it here. I mean, it’s unlikely to fail, but unless you’re going with a lengthy week-long accumulator, -200 on FURIA to win 2-0 seems much better. Yuurih and KSCERATO are in fine form and they should cruise to the top spot of group A and straight to the upper bracket. Who will they end up playing against? Well, I’m afraid that’s a question beyond our FURIA vs. Chaos predictions…

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