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Furia Vs Chaos DreamHack

Thus far, our DreamHack Summer betting campaign has been pretty solid. We did lose a few of our riskier bets, but we nailed down a couple of the same kind too. Overall, if you’ve been following our esports picks right from the first day, you should be on level terms or slightly in the green, depending on the stakes you went with for each particular wager.

As for this piece, FURIA vs. Chaos predictions is what we’ll be focusing on here, so let’s cut straight to the chase, hopefully starting another run of winning wagers!

FURIA vs. Chaos Predictions

FURIA passed group B with flying marks. KSCERATO and the boys defeated Yeah and Team One on their way to the top of the group stage.

Chaos, on the other hand, lost against Team Liquid but defeated Triumph and Ze Pug Godz. Overall, we’re looking at two solid sides, but arguably, the Brazilians are the superior of the two.

And it’s not just because they topped group B but because they’re packing much more firepower roster-wise, a deeper map pool, and already have several grandiose titles to their tally. FURIA is currently the best team in South America and among the best ones in the region. On a good day, they are a force to be reckoned with, and Chaos Esports Club will have to keep an eye out on FURIA’s top fraggers if they want to stand a chance against them tomorrow…

Chaos is coming into this match as the underdog. They’re well-aware of that, but I doubt it will phase them. They can deal quite the damage too. Heck, just look at their match against Team Liquid.

They caused a proper headache to Twistzz and the boys on Mirage, but couldn’t make a statement in the late stages of the match.

Before we go any further into our FURIA vs. Chaos predictions, there are some stuff we need to emphasize for all you beginners out there:

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Recent Results

Let’s start off our FURIA vs. Chaos predictions by looking at the most recent campaigns and matches of both sides. We already covered the group stage, so let’s focus on events leading up to DreamHack Open Summer.

Chaos’ 2020 has been pretty good thus far. They participated on the inaugural season of Flashpoint and BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, but their results are nothing to write home about. On the bright side, they had much more success on smaller events.

Most recently, Chaos took Mythic Invite League S1, Winners League S4, and ESEA Season 34 – three impressive titles that saw them earn almost $40,000 in a span of ten days.

FURIA also has several superb campaigns to show off. However, we’re talking about much bigger events here. FURIA won DreamHack Masters Spring, was second on DreamHack Open Anaheim, and enjoyed two third-spot placements on NA ESL Pro League S11 and StarSeries iLeague S8.

The overall quality of opponents and the level of performance both go in FURIA’s favor. However, we shouldn’t take Chaos’ recent performances for granted. Three titles, no matter the quality of the events, should not be taken out of the equation. And, mind you, they didn’t play against farmers – Chaos had to defeat the likes of Triumph, Yeah, Team One, etc… It’s not exactly Team Liquid or EG caliber, but wins are wins – consistency brings forth brilliance! That’s something we’ll have to keep in mind before cementing our FURIA vs. Chaos predictions!

Map Pool Shenanigans

Our FURIA vs. Chaos predictions have just started! After assessing the most recent results, now we’ll be turning our attention towards map pool stats. Why? Because map pool can give you a much better picture of how the banning phase will pan out and which team will have a massive advantage in the form of more favorable maps.

Unfortunately, due to the fact Chaos is typically playing on lower-tier tiers, properly assessing the map pool stats wasn’t possible. You see, Chaos has an excellent win rate across almost all maps. The only map they have lower than 50% win rate is Inferno… not counting Vertigo, their permaban. In fact, here’s a quick look at both teams’ map pool stats for the last three months:

Furia Vs Chaos Map Pool

I think Mirage, Inferno, and Train should go in favor of FURIA. Vertigo and Dust 2 ought to be banned right off the bat, meaning the only maps I can see Chaos winning here are Overpass and Nuke. Yes, Chaos have been excellent on both; although Overpass could go either way, really.

Individual Qualities

I think we can all agree that FURIA wins in this department on any given day. The dynamic duo, yuurih and KSCERATO, are still going strong. HEN1, the newest addition, is looking fine too. The best thing about FURIA’s roster is the fact that they’ve been playing together for almost a year already. HEN1 came in September last year, with everyone else playing together since February 2018.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about Chaos. The newest additions on their end came just two months ago, with the “oldest” player in the team (steel) joining mid-November last year. On the bright side, the current Chaos roster seems to be pieced together properly. Xeppaa is fragging like it’s nothing – FURIA will have to do extensive research on the 20-year-old rifler if they are to cruise to the grand finals.

FURIA vs. Chaos Predictions
FURIA to Win 2-1!

Once again, we’re going with a risky bet! As I explained and as the stats pointed out, FURIA is the stronger of the two sides here. They have a stronger roster, more accomplishments, (arguably) superior map pool, and much more experience than Chaos. All that should see them come out on top in what will be a thrilling encounter.

A simple match-winner on FURIA should be enough for everyone who doesn’t fancy taking any risks tomorrow. If, however, you’re in for a thrilling high-risk option, correct score 2-1 for FURIA at +195 seems pretty good!

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