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Are you guys ready for the final day of CS_Summit 7 group stage matches? We’re looking at the decider match in group C, the match that will decide the final playoff contestant and push the losing team into the last chance stage. FURIA vs. Cloud9 predictions are a hot topic today because many people reflect on the opening-round H2H contest in which FURIA snatched a tricky 2:1 win. Are we going to see another match similar to that one? Well, we have to take a closer look to see if that’s likely to happen!

FURIA vs. Cloud9 Predictions

These two already played in the opening round when FURIA took the big W following a three-map thriller with Train as the decider map. As expected, FURIA took Inferno and Cloud9 secured Nuke. Train was pretty chaotic from start to finish; it ended 16:11 in favor of the Brazilians.

As for Cloud9’s second match, they triumphed against NiP on Overpass and Train after losing on Dust 2. That Train performance was pretty solid and suggests there might be more to C9’s Train gameplay against FURIA… if we are to see it against as the deciding map.

FURIA’s encounter with Virtus.pro wasn’t really a good one. YEKINDAR and Jame cruised to a 2:0 win, though both maps were pretty tight, right up until the last couple of rounds. Junior’s absence was felt, with honda displaying an uneventful match. He did have a solid kill count, but his lack of top-tier experience made him an easy target against VP’s finest.


As a CSGO betting nerd, you have to understand teams’ expectations coming into every single match; coming into every single tournament too, for that matter. For both of these teams, CS_Summit 7 is merely a chance to put together proper gameplay tactics and wrap up preparations for the upcoming (read bigger) events. Of course, both will want a place in the playoffs, and if we look at the entire team sheet, they have every right to expect reaching that stage.

Map Pool Stats

As stated earlier, FURIA and Cloud9 have played in the opening round. The Brazilians won the match and went through to the winners’ round after a hard-fought three-map thriller. The Brazilians won Inferno and Train; Cloud9 took Nuke.

Assuming we see them opt for the exact same lineup of maps (we’ll go into more details about this later on), I believe the outcome won’t be the same. Cloud9 showed excellent tenacity and top-tier teamwork on Train in the last round.

True, NiP’s Train stats aren’t as complex as FURIA’s, but if Cloud9 can deploy another tip-top performance in the decider round, we’re likely to see them create an upset!

Roster Strength and Readiness

Xeppaa’s CS_Summit 7 performances went from topping the charts against FURIA to scraping the bottom against NiP. If he can get some consistency going, and we know what he’s capable of, he could be a proper asset for Cloud9 this season.

On the other end, yuurih and KSCERATO will be the key player for FURIA, just like they’ve been for the majority of 2020 too. Honda is a liability and is likely to cost FURIA a direct spot in the playoffs. I still expect FURIA to reach the single-elimination bracket, though I believe they’ll have to go through the last chance stage following a three-map thriller of a defeat against Cloud9!

With all that in mind, it’s time to wrap our today’s FURIA vs. Cloud9 picks.

Match Winner

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Just like you’d come to expect, FURIA are the favorites here. Only slight favorites, though, which perfectly reflects the real state of affairs between these two teams. The opening-round went in FURIA’s direction, but it was a tightly contested contest with both teams taking full control over their map pick. Train was the decider map and let’s just say Cloud9 failed to step up for the challenge. However, their match against NiP showed a completely different side of their Train gameplay… a side that could be just enough against FURIA.

What are the odds of these two opting for the same exact maps again? Knowing FURIA, I doubt they’ll want to change the winning recipe. Knowing C9, they’ll want the same battlegrounds too just so they can prove they’ve learned their lesson.

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