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How’s it going, guys? Are you enjoying the hectic CSGO action these days? There’s a whole lot of stuff going on – DreamHack Masters Winter and Flashpoint S2 are both providing excellent matchups for us to explore and bet on. Talking about betting, today we’ll be focusing on FURIA vs. Complexity predictions. Yep, DreamHack Masters Winter is in full flow, with the first quarterfinals matches starting in just a couple of hours.

We don’t have a lot of time to waste so let’s go through the informative section real fast before moving onto the focal point of this piece!

CSGO Betting 101 | Things You Should Know

There are always stuff to talk about regarding the esports betting side of things. Whether we’re talking about betting on CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, or any other esports title out there, the rules and basic principles stay the same. What you need to understand comes down to the following:

  • Number one – we’re talking about real-money CSGO betting here. Don’t get it twisted and use your skins to bet on esports matches. That won’t get you far and could result in either you getting scammed or in the compromise of your personal information.

  • Number two – don’t invest too much money. Not only does this go for beginners but for more experienced esports bettors too. The best way to approach this is to set aside a fixed amount of money each month. Set up the amount and stick with it – don’t succumb to the pressure!

  • Finally – trust the stats! We can’t stress this one enough. But don’t take it too far though; stats can only tell you so much…

FURIA vs. Complexity Predictions

Where do we start off, fellas? As stated earlier, we’re looking at the quarterfinals here. It’s a single-elimination bracket meaning the losing side is out of the competition. In other words, one of these two sides will say their farewells from DreamHack Masters Winter and focus on one of several upcoming CSGO events.


Complexity’s group stage performance wasn’t all that special. Sure, they defeated ENCE in the opening round, but it was a close contest that could’ve easily gone either way. Gambit took them down in the upper bracket finals in what was a pretty tough beatdown. No one really expected it, to be honest. JKS and the boys did come back against Faze Clan, but it was another tight contest that doesn’t really put them in a good spot against the Brazilians.

FURIA is coming into this match following an excellent win against G2. If you haven’t watched that match, go ahead and watch it – I’ll wait. It’s worth your time; seeing NiKo and the boys absolutely rage on Nuke is phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong; G2 wasn’t playing poorly, but FURIA was just on a whole another level. Heck, that performance alone will mean a lot for our FURIA vs. Complexity predictions, that I can tell you right away.

Individual Stats

JKS is obviously the first man on Complexity’s team sheet. The brilliant Aussie has already managed to settle in and has already displayed several exceptional matches with his new team. He’s yet to win a title with Complexity, and now that they’ve reached the quarterfinals, I’m sure he’ll be fancying his chances to grab the first one here.

But, FURIA’s Brazilian lean mean killing machine ought to be enough to stop Complexity from going any further. Even when yuurih and HEN1 don’t show up, there are others who are willing to step it up a notch and show their prowess. That’s the way this FURIA roster works; that’s the way they play; that’s the way they earn their trophies…

Map Pool Stats

With JKS onboard, Complexity should be confident on Overpass… and that’s about it. Sure, there’s Dust 2 which is FURIA’s permaban, but Complexity hasn’t exactly been that good in it either. Everything else is either heavily in favor of the Brazilians or will be heavily contested. I don’t see many roads to Complexity’s win here, and that ought to reflect in my final FURIA vs. Complexity predictions.

Talking about predictions, here’s what I have for you boys:

My Pick
FURIA to Win!

I actually love the odds here. At -161, FURIA match-winner is a real no-brainer. I’ll stop the discussion right here; there’s no need to go with anything fancier than that. The Brazilians should cruise to victory here; I reckon they’re already eyeing potential opponents in the semifinals. Although that’s typically a double-edged sword, FURIA’s boys aren’t that easily fazed… but I guess we’ll find out later today!

Well, I guess that’s it as far as our FURIA vs. Complexity predictions are concerned! As always, thanks for sticking to the very end!

Donnie out!

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