FURIA vs. EG Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Spring Finals Picks & Betting Odds

FURIA vs. EG Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Spring Finals Picks & Betting Odds

It’s official – Team Liquid is out of the competition after suffering two grave losses, one against EG and one against FURIA. Now, we’re watching FURIA and EG go up against each other for the place ion the grand finals against MIBR: Yep, MIBR of all teams clinched the first grand finals spot!

As for our FURIA vs. EG predictions, we have the usual treatment ready for you. We did mix things up a bit! Before venturing deeper into the statistical depths of the match at hand, we’ll cover the key facts regarding CS:GO betting. Our analytics show a lot of newcomers reading our betting guides, so we’re trying to keep our pieces beginner-friendly at all times.

That said, let’s start off with the key facts before moving forward with FURIA vs. EG predictions!

Placing CS:GO Bets | Key Facts You Need to Know

Betting All the Time is Not a Good Thing

Even if you’re massively successful with your betting endeavors, that doesn’t mean you should bet all the time. Learn to skip wagers/days and time your bets. Pick only those with the highest value and don’t settle for anything lower than that!

Every Beginning is Difficult

Betting on esports is still a fairly new thing for most people. If you’re just starting out, many things will feel weird and unfamiliar. There’s no reason to stress out, though. There are plenty of guides out there. In fact, our esports betting guide ought to be a good way to learn the basics behind placing CS:GO bets.

Lower Your Expectations

Last but not least – don’t have unrealistic expectations from your baby steps in the chaotic world of betting on CS:GO. If you do, you’ll end up disappointed and probably drop the betting action altogether. No one got rich by betting on esports overnight. It’s a process, one that takes a long time and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. As one of the world’s greatest minds once said – you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!

FURIA vs. EG Predictions

Now that you’ve seen three valuable facts regarding esports betting basics, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and focus on the matter at hand, and that would be FURIA vs. EG predictions. A quick reminder – the winner of this match advances to the grand finals B03 against MIBR and at least $65,000 in prize money and at least 800 BLAST Premier points.

There’s a lot to play for here, meaning there won’t be any lack in motivation. That said, let’s move forward with our FURIA vs. EG predictions and check out the key fixtures leading up to this match!

Recent Results

FURIA is an absolute sensation in the region. Need I remind you, we’re talking about the team that conquered DreamHack Masters Spring and had excellent displays on ESL One: Road to Rio and ESL Pro League S11. Heck, even their pre-pandemic DreamHack Open Anaheim performance was pretty solid. They’re consistent, which is what helped them push through to the number one spot in the region.

As for their BLAST Premier Spring Finals performance, FURIA was also shocked in the first round with MIBR running away with a resounding 2-0 win. Luckily, though, yuurih and the boys came back to their senses and eliminated Team Liquid. Now, they’re going up against EG, the team they are yet to defeat…

Evil Geniuses surprised everyone with a shocking win against Team Liquid in the first round of BLAST Premier Spring Finals. They took the boys in blue by surprise with resounding wins on Dust 2 and Inferno. However, they were in for a surprise themselves, courtesy of MIBR. The Brazilians clinched grand finals following a chaotic three-map thriller against EG, pushing ex-NRG to the lower bracket for a fight to the death against FURIA…

Map Pool Discrepancies

FURIA has to be pointed out as the stronger side as far as the map pool depth goes. The Brazilians are capable of playing on Mirage (100% win rate on the last thirteen maps, which speaks A LOT), 67% win rate on Train, 75% on Overpass, and 64% of Vertigo. As for EG, they should be better on Inferno and Nuke (75% and 50%). It’s sort of a mismatch on paper, really, at least when talking about the active map pool.

Individual Prowess

Who has the better set of players here? Is it FURIA or Evil Geniuses? Well, if this question was asked a few months ago, I’d say Evil Geniuses without thinking twice about it. Now, I’m not really sure. While I do hold Brehze and CeRq to a high standard, yuurih and KSCERATO have been nothing but superb over the course of the last few months. They’ve been so good that I honestly have to place them above EG’s boys, further swaying my FURIA vs. EG predictions in Brazilians’ way.

FURIA vs. EG Predictions

Once again – the odds aren’t the greatest. But, then again, FURIA is coming off a win against Team liquid while EG is coming off a loss against MIBR, which explains why FURIA are considered as relatively heavy favorites.

All in all, my FURIA vs. EG predictions are pretty simple. There’s no need to complicate things with esports specials or any of that trivial stuff. A straightforward bet on FURIA to win is all you need here. Fingers crossed the Brazilians make it through and we get an awesome Brazilian grand final to enjoy!

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