FURIA vs. EG Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

Furia Vs EG ESL Pro League S12

We’re enjoying ourselves, fellas! Our ESL Pro League S12 betting< picks are on quite the roll, and we’re looking to further extend our run of form with FURIA vs. EG picks. There’s no need to get complacent right off the bat, so we’ll approach this match with an extra dose of carefulness. That said, let’s kick things off with some general CSGO betting info before moving towards concrete stats regarding this matchup!

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How to find CSGO odds on these sites?

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That’s about it as far as the introduction goes – let’s focus back on FURIA vs. EG picks!

FURIA vs. EG Picks

What we’re looking at here is the clash of the two most dominant sides in the region! And we’re not just talking about the ongoing Pro League event, but the last few months in general. Sure, Liquid’s nearby, but we have to point out Evil Geniuses as by far the best team in the region, and FURIA as their toughest contestant.

At the moment, FURIA and EG are at the top of the NA group stage (AKA the regular season), having won all three of their matches thus far. With three more matches to go (not counting this one), I reckon it’s safe to say we’ll see both of them in the playoffs.

However, the winner of this will most likely advance straight to the upper bracket finals, which means more breathing room in the playoffs. There’s a lot to play for here, that’s for sure, so let’s start dissecting these two before wrapping up our FURIA vs. EG picks!


As I’ve mentioned earlier in this piece, both FURIA and EG are coming into this match with nothing but wins. FURIA had the tougher road, though. The Brazilians won against Cloud9, Triumph, and Team Liquid whereas EG defeated 100T, Cloud9, and Gen.G. EG are set to play Liquid in the round, in a match that could decide a lot of things in the top half of the table.

When looking at the bigger picture, EG’s form is undeniably superior here.

I mean, fourteen consecutive wins – three consecutive titles, you don’t get to have such awesome results without playing top-notch CSGO. Oh, but EG wouldn’t even be among the top five in EU… Go check yourself before you wreck yourself, boy – EG is on a roll and there might be one or two European teams that have the quality to take them down, so don’t get it twisted. Not trying to upsell EG here, I’m just stating the obvious; their form is unearthly!

Map Pool Depth

Before we dig deeper into the map pool depth section of our FURIA vs. EG picks, here’s a quick look at the official map pool stats for the past three months, courtesy of HLTV.org:

Furia Vs EG Map Pool

As you can see, EG has superior stats across the board… But that’s not surprising considering the fact they’ve won the last fourteen matches. Still, even if EG’s stats were a bit less hardcore, their map pool depth would still be slightly superior. They’re pretty much comfortable on all maps except Overpass, their permaban. Vertigo could be the map of choice for FURIA, that and Train…. But it’s a long shot, really.

Individual Qualities

Normally, I wouldn’t be able to pick a winner in this department. Both sides have exceptional players; when in-form, they can go head to head with anyone. However, if we’re looking at individual forms, we have to point CeRq and Brehze as the most dominant duo in the region.

The rest of EG’s starting players have been playing well too, but CeRq and Brehze deserve extra credit as they’ve been the most important figures behind EG’s three consecutive titles.

With all that in mind, let’s wrap this piece up with some concrete esports betting predictions:

FURIA vs. EG Betting Picks
EG to Win!

Even though this is going to be a tightly contested matchup from start to finish, I believe Evil Geniuses will continue with their awesome run of form. Need I remind you, Evil Geniuses are on a massive winning streak, having won fourteen consecutive matches. Their last defeat was against MIBR on BLAST Premier spring 2020 American Finals, but it didn’t mean much in the end because EG had their revenge against the Brazilians in the grand finals of the event.

Please Note:
Since then, EG has played against FURIA three times, and won all three encounters, which is something I’ve taken into account for our FURIA vs. EG predictions.

That said, my money is on EG here… But, I won’t play it as a single – I’ll put it in my weekly accumulator and hope for a heftier return this weekend.

Fingers crossed, boys!

Donnie out…

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