FURIA vs. G2 Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Fall Group C Match Analysis

Furia Vs G2 Blast Premier

FURIA vs. G2 is a class A match that’s going to have a direct impact on the complexity of remaining group C matches. As most of you know by now, group A and group B are all done. FURIA, G2, Astralis, and MIBR form the group C bunch, and only two of them will qualify for the season finals through the regular season.

The first round of matches is going to be quite electric, with Astralis going up against MIBR, and G2 against FURIA. If our FURIA vs. G2 picks turn out correct, perhaps we’ll see the two Brazilian teams square off in the lower bracket next week!

For now, let’s talk about finding CSGO betting odds and making all the right decisions at the very start of your esports betting career!

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The lower the bookie’s cut is, the better the odds are!

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FURIA vs. G2 Picks and Predictions

Back to business! Back to FURIA vs. G2 picks!

For the most part, bookies are favoring the Brazilians. The fiery Brazilian blood is making all the right moves out there, having won two events in just over a month. The odds aren’t really that surprising when you account for FURIA’s recent results.

Talking about recent results, let’s see how both sides played in their last few matches.

Recent Matches

FURIA has just one loss in the last ten outings. G2, on the other hand, has just two wins in their last ten outings. Talk about a mismatch in terms of form, huh? I guess there’s no point in going any further here. FURIA takes the big W here with flying marks…

However, we have to mention the fact G2’s opponents were much fiercer than FURIA’s. Sure, the Brazilians squared off against EG, 100T, and Liquid, but they played against the likes of Rebirth, Triumph, ImPerium and Whalers. Those aren’t exactly top-tier contestants.

Please Note:
Considering all that, perhaps comparing the recent matches of these two isn’t the best indicator of their overall qualities and form. It’s all pretty clear when talking about two teams from the same region… but in these special circumstances with online events setting the pace, making CSGO predictions and comparisons has never been more difficult!

Unfortunately, there are no recent head to head matches that would be of some benefit for our FURIA vs. G2 picks. The last international event prior to this one was IEM Katowice WC in late February, and I’m sure you’ll agree that was a long time ago.

I guess the best thing we can do for our FURIA vs. G2 picks is to look into the map pool depth to see if there’s value to be found there!

Map Pool Depth

Looking at the teams’ performances during the last three months, FURIA’s map pool superiority is visible at the very first glance. G2 are below 50% win rate on all but three maps (Vertigo, Mirage, and Nuke). The thing is, FURIA’s lowest win rate is 62% on Mirage. Everything else is close to or above 70%.

Everything except Dust 2 which is their permaban, that is.

But, we’re forgetting one crucial thing here! We’re forgetting something that’s going to drastically alter the course of our FURIA vs. G2 picks – NiKo! Yep, NiKo’s arrival from FaZe Clan will greatly improve G2’s map pool depth. The Bosnian star is well-versed across a variety of maps, and his individual prowess is bound to make an impact on G2’s gameplay.


Here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for! Which team has a better set of players? Well, I think you know who the winner is in this department… drumroll… it’s G2! HuNter, Nexa, KennyS… and now NiKo! This G2 roster packs quite a punch, not just in terms of raw fragging potential and clutching power, but experience too.

Cohesion shouldn’t be an issue! NiKo is one of those players that don’t take too long to adapt to new surroundings. He’s mechanically gifted AF, probably one of the most skilled players in the game. Plus, half of his colleagues speak his native language, which should come in handy when they’re the only ones alive in a round.

FURIA’s collective perhaps isn’t as technically gifted as G2, but they’re in excellent form. Questions are being asked about the quality of the American region, with people suggesting they might not be ready for a team of G2’s quality after almost a whole year since their last European encounter. EG comes as the perfect example!

Considering everything we’ve stated thus far, here’s what all of you came here for:

FURIA vs. G2 Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

G2 is not the favorite team coming into this match and that’s alright! KennyS and the boys are used to being the underdogs against top-tier sides, but that could all change now that NiKo is onboard. The Bosnian maestro is finally going to play with his cousin huNter and a fellow balkanero nexa.

The deadly trio is bound to stir stuff up in the European CSGO scene, which is why I give them the benefit of the doubt here.

FURIA is going to be a difficult opponent, no doubt about that, but motivation and quality of G2 players should be enough to push them through to the upper bracket. Even though I initially had high hopes for American teams on this event, EG’s performance showcased the differences in quality across the pond. That said, I’m afraid FURIA is in for a rough wake-up call against G2.

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