FURIA vs. Gambit Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Match Analysis

Furia Vs Gambit Blast Premier Spring Showdown

The second round of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown matches is just around the corner. Just eight teams remain in the competition, four in each bracket. FURIA vs. Gambit predictions are focusing on the bottom bracket with 9z and Heroic completing the round.

The winners go up against each other for a spot on the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

Who’s it going to be, the fiery Brazilians or tenacious Russians? Well, let’s find out!

FURIA vs. Gambit Predictions

According to all major esports betting platforms, Gambit is the favorite team here. And why wouldn’t they be – they are in slightly better form, but have an utmost impressive roster that never fails to deliver.

FURIA, though, is a team you shouldn’t take for granted even when they’re in an uphill struggle.

They know how to regroup, they can feel the game like the best of them and are always ready to pounce at the sight of blood. That’s Brazilian CSGO 101 for you, right there!

Should I Bet on the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown?

Well, if you’re just starting out, this sort of competition might be too much for you. We’ve already seen plenty of upsets, and more could be on the horizon, meaning this isn’t your typical group stage+double-elimination scenario. It’s one elimination match after another, and that takes true CSGO expertise!

But, don’t let us discourage you – if you feel comfortable you might as well go for it!

Recent Results

We might as well start this section of our FURIA vs. Gambit predictions with a few words on their last head-to-head encounter. It happened just last month during the group stage of ESL Pro League. It was the final round and Gambit cemented their play-in spot with a narrow 2:1 win. Looking at the stats, we’re bound to see another similar match tomorrow!

As you probably know, Gambit went on to play in the grand finals against Heroic.

They lost in a chaotic 5-map scenario with two overtimes going in Heroic’s favor, one of which was a proper thriller. FURIA went far too. The semifinal match is where FURIA collapsed under pressure; Heroic was the better team, but FURIA stood their ground with pride.

We’ve already learned a lot here!

But, we won’t rush our FURIA vs. Gambit predictions. Let’s move onto the map phase and see if there’s anything worth our while over there!

Banning Phase Superiority

My oh my, watching Gambit play versus FURIA is always something else! These teams have excellent map pools, but no matter which way we rank them, the decider map always seems equally matched.

Please Note:
Dust 2 and Nuke are the primary bans so we can count them right away. Gambit will likely opt for Mirage or Overpass, seeing as they probably don’t want to test Vertigo against the Brazilians. FURIA will fancy Train, Inferno, and perhaps even Vertigo. Keep in mind, though, we’re talking about nuances here. Both teams will fancy their chances no matter which three maps they end up with. This could be a proper beauty, lads!

Roster Quality

Having a proper roster discussion is always tricky when FURIA is in the equation. Like I’ve said numerous times already, FURIA’s gameplay doesn’t rely on the raw power of their superb individuals, but their ability to play well off other members of the starting roster. That’s what makes FURIA tick; it’s exactly what helped them triumph against MIBR in the opening round.

  • So yeah, if we’re talking about teamwork, FURIA takes the crown any day.
  • But, if we’re talking about sheer roster quality and clutching potential, that’s where Gambit excels!
That’s where Sh1ro and Ax1le come into play. The latter was awarded the MVP award on recently finished ESL Pro League, meaning he’s the man to watch coming into this one.

All in all, I expect FURIA players to stand their ground tomorrow, but I don’t doubt Gambit’s ability to cruise to an important victory here. That said, let’s wrap things up with concrete CSGO picks:

FURIA vs. Gambit Betting Predictions
Gambit to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

We just have to go with the favorites here, even though the odds might not be the greatest. The same goes for value too, but hey, it’s the best we can get out of this clash.

Sure, you’re free to opt for a different approach here.

If you deem -270 not worth your while, CSGO bookmakers offer plenty of supporting bets too.

Awesome props are just a few clicks away; you can get your hands on stuff like correct score, total maps over/under, and similar… Props are entertaining and often well-worth the hassle… but we’re going with a simple match-winner here to avoid overcomplicating things.

Thanks for sticking through the very end! Donnie out.

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Donnie hails from the Midwestern US and happily embraces the nerd stereotype. He likes writing about CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite, and anything esports-related, really. He also dabbles in the world of cryptocurrency and how that might tap into the esports betting world. Donnie stepped into the gambling side of esports just a few years back. Donnie is currently married and owns two large dogs, who may or may not be named after Mario and Luigi.

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