FURIA vs. Gen.G | BLAST Premier Showdown NA Betting Predictions

Furia Vs Gen G Blast Premier

CS:GO betting is a massive industry, there’s no doubt about that! It was leading the online betting sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic, back when all sports competitions had been canceled to prevent the spread of the virus.

Most major leagues are back or will be coming back relatively soon, but betting on CS:GO still remains highly popular.

If you’re on board the CS:GO betting hype train and you’re hoping to make a profit off BLAST Premier Showdown NA playoffs, perhaps our FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions can be of service!

FURIA vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions

FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions are coming right up. I won’t waste anymore of your precious time, so let’s jump straight to business and analyze the past performances and both individual and collective stats for both of these teams!

Recent Results

FURIA has just two losses in the last thirteen matches. Yep, that’s eleven wins and two losses in the last month and a half. It’s a pretty solid run, if I may add. One of those two losses was against Gen.G, mind you. As for Gen.G, their form isn’t half bad either. It’s worse than that of Gen.G, but they did play against slightly more difficult opponents.

Gen.G’s Comeback Potential

Gen.G is a comeback machine! They did it against MIBR, and they did it with style. Earlier today, they’ve done it once again. This time around, it was against Triumph on the deciding map. They were losing 13-6 but managed to come back with a force buy, carried on the wings of several outstanding AWP players. I’m beginning to think Gen.G’s approach is based on mind games and comebacks… It can’t be luck, right?

Wrapping Things Up

Now that it’s all said and done, it’s time to draw some conclusions. It’s time to emphasize concrete FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions that’ll hopefully point you in the right direction betting-wise.

I’m going against what the stats suggest here. Well, not all stats but most of them.

I’m going with Gen.G to win here. They’ve shown excellent teamwork coupled with individual brilliance.

Plus, they have plenty of experience in their roster and that ought to count against FURIA. Plus, the Brazilians are yet to defeat Gen.G in a Bo3 scenario. Thus far they played three Bo3 head to head matches and Gen.G took all three wins. Yep – those wins will have an effect on our FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions that are coming right up:

FURIA vs. Gen.G Predictions
Gen.G to Win!

As far as the odds on Gen.G to win go, I reckon they’ll be somewhere around the +150 mark. Or at least that’s where I’d have them. Yes, I’m well-aware that FURIA will be the major favorite here, but I still think we won’t see anything much bigger than that. It’s a realistic number; but a number that I still deem worth, even for a medium stake wager.

Betting on CS:GO | Most Common Mistakes

The last portion of our FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions is going to talk about the most common CS:GO betting mistakes and how to avoid them. I won’t go into too many details here, since I reckon you’re eager to place your wager…

Betting too Much

Betting too much is one of the worst things you can do when trying to earn some money via CS:GO betting. If you bet too much money, you’ll risk losing a lot of it. If you bet too frequently, you’ll experience the notorious betting fatigue which ought to negatively affect your overall profitability. Learn how to skip bets, learn how to time them properly, and never bet the money you can’t afford to lose. Obey those rules and you should be good to go!

Betting on Your Favorite Team

When you’re betting on your favorite team, no matter if you’re betting for fun or profit, it’s not really a good idea. How come? Well, betting on your favorite team equals betting with emotions… and we all know emotions have nothing to do in the world of online betting. Only base your bets on stats, news, and other valuable info that can help you predict the outcome, disregarding stuff like your gut feeling and emotion.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Lastly – unrealistic expectations. In and of itself, having unrealistic expectations isn’t a major mistake. But, it skews your perspective and makes you believe you can get rich overnight. Let’s make one thing clear – that won’t happen! That’s not to say those from rags to riches stories are fake, but the chances of that actually happening to you are extremely low. So yeah, long story short – keep your head low, take things slowly and hope for the best!

Want to learn more about the most common mistakes? If you do, make sure you drop an eye on our common esports betting mistakes piece.
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