FURIA vs. Gen.G Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

FURIA vs. Gen.G Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

Yesterday was a terrible day! We missed both of our CS:GO picks, and with them, a hefty amount of money too. What’s worse – we managed to predict a significant upset (FURIA vs. Liquid) but we went with FURIA to win 2-1, and the Brazilians completely dismantled Twistzz in the boys with 2-0 on the scoreboard.

No worries, though, we’ll try to get back on level terms with FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions that are coming right after a short guide explaining the basics behind CS:GO betting!

How Does Betting on CS:GO Work?

If you’ve stumbled upon this pick by accident, you must be wondering about how CS:GO betting works and if it’s even a legit thing. Well, let’s start off with the latter – C:SGO betting is a real thing! It’s been a thing for roughly seven years already, basically ever since the game got its first taste of competitive esports action.

When it comes to questions like how CS:GO betting works, things are surprisingly simple. CS:GO betting works just like any other type of online betting. You got your typical match-winner bets, a plethora of totals (map, rounds, kills), and a wide variety of specials that possess great value and offer an extra dose of entertainment.

The process of placing your first CS:GO bet is pretty simple. Here’s what it looks like:

  • You find yourself a nice esports betting site, register, confirm your identity and log in.
  • Then, you select your payment method, confirm the amount and finish the deposit process.
  • You now have money in your betting bankroll and you’re able to start placing wagers.

Yep – betting on CS:GO doesn’t require a ton of internet-browsing knowledge. However, what does require internet-browsing knowledge is all the stats-crawling you’ll have to do in order to base your wagers on research and stats and not plain old luck. Keep that in mind as we more forward to our FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions!

FURIA vs. Gen.G Predictions

It’s time to take one last look at the ESL One: Road to Rio NA event, all matches that’ve been played thus far, and all results that have relevance for this particular matchup. After we’ve done all that, we can ask the big Q – who will prevail? Well, in the next few paragraphs that’s exactly what we plan on finding out, so let’s jump right in!

Who Will Prevail?

FURIA is coming into this match with an impressive dose of swagger. Yes, I’ve just used the word swagger in a sentence… But they are – KSCERATO and the boys are coming off one of their biggest-ever wins against Team Liquid, and they’ll be eyeing a somewhat notable title since Arctic Invitational 2019.

However, the same can be said about Gen.G! Even though their semifinals opponent was nowhere near the level of Team Liquid, their group stage wins over 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses ought to make them a fierce competitor.

In terms of individual performances, two players stand out. FURIA’s KSCERATO is developing into the next big Brazilian CS:GO star. Autimatic, on the other end, finally seems to be getting his past form back, showing off solid and above all consistent numbers from the start of the competition.

But, which way is this one going to go? Well, even though most stats point to FURIA’s direction, I reckon we’ll see Gen.G prevail. Here’s why:

For starters, KSCERATO won’t be able to take Gen.G down alone. He’s been carrying his team from the start of the event, and it’s only a matter of time before his form will crumble to pieces. Plus, even if he shows off another exceptional map, he’ll need the rest of his teammates to perform above their usual level if they are to defeat Gen.G.

Gen.G, on the other hand, looks more like a team than FURIA. Autimatic is their leading fragger, but the rest of the Gen.G roster isn’t far behind either. The team has finally synced up and I believe this event will only serve as a jumping board for the greatness that awaits.

Head to head matches fall heavily in favor of Gen.G – six wins vs. three wins. The last time FURIA defeated Gen.G was back in September 2019, which is another important factor for our FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions. In fact, I think we’re all done here! Eric – get those fancy picks’ graphics out and place them right beneath this line!

FURIA vs. Gen.G Predictions

That’s it fellas – we’re all done with our CS:GO picks for today. Heck, not just for today but for the entire ESL One: Road to Rio NA event. This final match ought to be a special treat so make sure you tune into the live action vis ESL Twitch channel.

That said, thank you all for sticking till the very end of our FURIA vs. Gen.G predictions. Let’s hope we get something right this time around!

Until next time,

Stay safe!

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