FURIA vs. Heroic Betting Predictions | IEM XV Global Challenge Match Analysis

Furia vs Heroic IEM Global Challenge

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Our IEM Global Challenge betting predictions are moving onto the next chapter and I hope you’re ready for another set of our esports picks. FURIA vs. Heroic predictions is the next big thing on our to-do list, so let’s get down to business and see which of these two will remain in the competition following tomorrow’s show!

This is the final piece of the 2020 competitive CSGO puzzle. In other words, if you like betting on CSGO, this is your final chance this year! Sure, there will be smaller events to bet on after this one ends, but that’s just not it. Teams like Astralis, Vitality, and NaVi won’t be competing on them. Don’t get me wrong, betting on smaller events is good if you’re following tier-B CSGO… but if you’re not, it’s better to wait until the next big event than to splurge your money on teams you know nothing about!

Betting on CSGO Next Year

As stated earlier, IEM XV Global Challenge betting opportunities are the grand finale of 2020! There are a few additional events, but they don’t feature any of the top-tier teams and you shouldn’t really waste time on them unless you actually follow tier-B CSGO esports.

What events await in early 2021?

Well, at the moment, BLAST Premier Global Final is the biggest event scheduled in January. It’s set to start on January 18th and will feature eight top-tier teams from across the world. We still don’t know many details about the event’s system, whether it will be offline or online, nor any other details. There aren’t even any CSGO bets available just yet, but they will roughly a week or two before the start.

FURIA vs. Heroic Predictions

Before we start digging through the stats, here’s a fun little fact:

Both teams lost their opening matches 2:0 on the same two maps – Inferno and Nuke. Heroic was closer to the decider against Liquid, although the margins weren’t too far off on the other end too.

Back to business!

We’re seeing a number of first head-to-head matchups recently. The newest one is this here contest – FURIA and Heroic have never played against each other, which makes this matchup that more interesting. Both teams were labeled as the nicest surprise of 2020; both had an amazing run of events earlier this year… and both are eyeing their spot on the January-bound Global Finals.


Heroic had a wonderful spell of events earlier this year, so it’s safe to say 2020 has been their best year thus far. They’ve found a proper leader in stavn; he’s been their most consistent player alongside TeSeS and cadiaN. Heroic made a proper breakthrough this year and are now the second-best Danish team, second only to the GOAT – Astralis.

FURIA lost twice against NaVi last week. This will definitely affect their morale, but I reckon it won’t be in a negative way. Quite the contrary, actually – I believe FURIA will come into this match with a lot more motivation than Heroic. They’re far from home, their European campaign has been pretty poor thus far, and their BLAST Premier Global Final tickets are on the line. FURIA needs to finish 2020 with a strong performance, and defeating Heroic is the first step in the right direction!

Map Pool Stats

Map pool stats favor the Brazilians all day long! The only map heroic has a statistical advantage on is Nuke… but if they couldn’t defeat Liquid on it, I doubt they’ll do much better against FURIA. They both have the same permaban – Dust 2.

Please Note:
FURIA’s primary choice will be Inferno, seeing as that’s not only their favorite but the map Heroic’s been pretty bad on lately. Additionally, KSCERATO and the boys will fancy their odds on Train too… Everything else will be a tight contest.

That said, I give FURIA a slight advantage coming into the baning phase. Even if Heroic bans Inferno, FURIA will still have Train AKA (I’ll dare to say) a free win. If Nuke goes Heroic’s way, I’m really interested to see which map they choose for the decider.

Individual Stats

As always, FURIA is one of the most teamwork-based CSGO rosters out there. Typically, the best teams out there (except Astralis) have one excellent player and four supporters. That’s not the case with FURIA, though, but it’s not the case with Heroic either. Both teams rely on teamwork above anything else, which is what makes our FURIA vs. Heroic predictions even more complex than we had initially thought.

I reckon the biggest difference between these two lies in their map pool stats.

I am aware that FURIA’s numbers might be a bit bloated because of competing on NA events, but they shouldn’t have any major discrepancies from the actual state of affairs.

That said, let’s see what I’m going with here before moving onto the elaboration!

FURIA vs. Heroic Predictions
FURIA to Win!

Believe it or not, FURIA is not the favorite coming into this one. I mean, Heroic is not that big of a favorite either, but they do have that label looking at the odds. CSGO bookies give Heroic a slight advantage, though I don’t really understand why.

As I’ve explained earlier, the Brazilians are the favorites in my books. They might not be the better team all across the board, but their BLAST Premier Global Final qualification is on the line and they have to step up for the occasion!

With those words, we’re all done with our FURIA vs. Heroic predictions. Fingers crossed we get this one right!

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