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DreamHack Open Summer 2020 is almost over! There’s just one more match to go in three of the four regional events. Yep, as some of you already know, the Oceanian event ended just a few hours ago with Renegades taking the big W against Avant Gaming. Tomorrow, we’re going to see the grand finals of Asian, European, and American events. The latter is what we’re all about here – FURIA vs. Liquid predictions are our quest for today so let’s not waste any more time and jump straight to the action!

FURIA vs. Liquid Predictions

Since you’re here reading my FURIA vs. Liquid predictions, I reckon you’re ready to indulge in some good old esports betting! If that’s really the case, then you’ll love the remainder of this piece. Everything about it is related to this matchup and shedding light on the final result. Our FURIA vs. Liquid predictions might be lengthy, but they’ll definitely bring you right up to speed on everything surrounding this contest as well as both teams competing in it.

Recent Achievements

Both FURIA and Team Liquid are right up there with the finest CS:GO teams in the world. They have a ton of achievements to show off too. For example, Liquid’s golden era was the summer of 2019 when they won pretty much everything that could’ve been won. 2019 was FURIA’s year too. They had several breakthrough performances during the summer, but managed to successfully transition their form to 2020 too. They won DreamHack Masters Spring in June and were close to the top spot on two earlier occasions (DH Open Anaheim and ESL Pro League S11 NA).

Overall, though, Team Liquid is the clear winner as far as overall achievements go. Even though 2020 wasn’t easy on them, they have enough leeway from past years to make up for a somewhat of a rough start this year. With Grim in the starting roster now, they might turn a new page and win their way back to the top!

Head to Head Matches

FURIA is the superior side as far as head to head matches are concerned. Especially when it comes to the most recent matchups on BLAST Premier, DreamHack Masters Spring.

Overall, FURIA has twelve wins whereas Liquid has only seven. They went to overtime just once, but I wouldn’t bet against that here if I were you…

Map Pool Info

If you’ve enjoyed your fair share of CS:GO bets already, you probably know that map pool can sometimes make all the difference. It’s what decides the tightest of contests and often yields the greatest returns. If you’re not closely inspecting map pool stats, you’re missing out on a ton of valuable CS:GO betting info.

For our FURIA vs. Liquid predictions, I can’t really tell with certainty which of the two has the superior map pool. FURIA’s much better on Mirage, Train, and Vertigo. Liquid, on the other hand, should prevail on Inferno, Nuke, and Overpass… Dust II could go in the same basket too, but it’s FURIA’s permaban so we can’t really count it in.

With Grim in the starting lineup, Team Liquid’s map pool is a bit broader, but slightly more volatile too, so I can’t point Liquid out as the clear winner. I can’t point FURIA out either, even though they could give Liquid a run for their money on Inferno and Overpass.

Individual Prowess

Individually, I’d say Team Liquid has the slightest of advantages. And it’s not because of Grim but because of in-form EliGE and NAF. They’ve been the main gears that did all the grinding in this Team Liquid roster. They’ve been the pivotal TL players thus far in 2020, and Grim’s presence will only help them reach even better numbers.

Plus, Grim himself is not to be taken for granted either. Not only did he bring in that extra bit of confidence to Liquid’s core, but he sure did make his fragging potential known right off the bat. Team Liquid played three matches (six map) thus far, and Grim is at the top of the list with a 1.33 HLTV rating.

Don’t get me wrong – FURIA’s starting roster is highly talented too, but they’re the inferior (ever so slightly) side when compared to Team Liquid. KSCERATO and yuurih were in excellent form prior to this event. Thus far on DreamHack Open Summer, though, FURIA relied on arT and HEN1’s performances… For the most part, at least.

As for my FURIA vs. Liquid predictions, I can’t really tell which way this one is going to go. Team Liquid are the slightest of favorites, since they’ve shown nothing but spectacular displays since the start of the competition. However, the same thing can be said about FURIA too. Can Grim, Liquid’s debut star, be the difference in this grand final contest?

FURIA vs. Liquid Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5

Yep, I’m not going to take any chances here. This is going to be an insanely thrilling contest from the first to the very last round. Both teams have excellent sets of players, both are enjoying good form, and both have safe map choices that the other team shouldn’t really contest. That said, the only logical FURIA vs. Liquid predictions I can come up with here are my trusty total maps over 2.5 options. It’s a grand finals match, it was always going to be tight… So, unless you know something that hasn’t been explained above, total maps over 2.5 is as safe as you can go!

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