FURIA vs. Liquid Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

Furia Vs Team Liquid ESL Pro League

We’re moving on with our ESL Pro League S12 betting coverage. Next up on our to-do list is a fiery clash between FURIA and Team Liquid. No worries, our FURIA vs. Liquid picks are going to be as comprehensive as possible.

We’ll touch on all the usual topics including form, head to head matches, individual qualities, and map pool depth. In the end, we’ll wrap things up with concrete predictions before moving onto the next day of the competition.

But, we won’t be going straight into FURIA vs. Liquid picks. Nope! Instead, let’s give a helping hand to beginners and those who feel that way!

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FURIA vs. Liquid Picks

Every time these two meet is a special occasion! Both belong to the top of the NA scene, and they’ve been there for quite a while. Team Liquid is in decline, whereas FURIA is enjoying their new-found form. Head to head matches are heavily in favor of one of them (more on that later), but the map pool depth and player qualities weren’t keen on pointing fingers on either end of the field. Let’s dig deeper!


The form is what we typically start our esports picks with, so let’s build upon that tradition. What’s there to be said about Team Liquid? Well, they’re not the best NA team anymore… that title is long gone! Plus, now that Nitr0’s traversed to Valorant’s (potentially greener) pastures, the boys in blue are left with Grim who hasn’t settled in just yet.

FURIA, on the other hand, has been pretty solid in recent months. The fiery Brazilians have two notable titles to show off – DH Open Summer and DH Masters Spring, alongside several grand final and semfiinal placements. Most importantly, though, they kickstarted their ESL Pro League S12 campaign with two impressive wins over Cloud9 and Triumph. Cloud9 was a tough nut to crack, but (Grimless) Triumph was no match for the in-form Brazilians.

As far as recent head to head matches are concerned, FURIA is the absolute winner! These two teams have played a total of eight matches in 2020, and Team Liquid managed to win just a single one. FURIA knows how to play against the boys in blue, and they’re not even afraid to show it!

Map Pool Stats

Team Liquid’s map pool is slightly better… but we’re talking nuances here, nothing concrete which we could use for cementing our FURIA vs. Liquid picks. Liquid should be able to take Overpass and Vertigo whereas FURIA will be more confident on Train and Mirage. Everything else is either a permaban or a level playing field. I guess we’ll have to rely on individual qualities before wrapping this one up…

Individual Qualities

It’s tough to separate these two in terms of individual player qualities… especially now that Grim has joined Liquid’s roster. One match he’s awesome, the next match he’s playing like trash. Pardon my language, but those are the facts. He’ll need much more time to properly adapt to new surroundings before we can judge the situation.

As for FURIA, their star players are still yuurih, HEN1 and KSCERATO.

The Brazilian trio is known for exploiting opponents’ passive plays and lack of early aggression. Plus, their mechanical brilliance and natural map control allow them to lurk more than your typical SA side… and Team Liquid apparently doesn’t know how to counter that… if the recent head to head matches are any indication, that is.

FURIA vs. Liquid Betting Picks
FURiA to Win!

Believe it or not, Team Liquid is the slight favorite coming into this one. I’m not sure why, though. I mean sure, both are two from two, but FURIA lost just one map (against Cloud9) whereas Liquid struggled against both Chaos and 100 Thieves.

Plus, FURIA’s head to head form is absolutely phenomenal, just like their individual form and their displays over the first two group stage matches.

There’s not a doubt in my mind – FURIA is going to take this one home, whether you like it or not!

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