FURIA vs. Liquid Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

FURIA vs. Liquid Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

Hello and welcome to another round of ESL One: Road to Rio NA picks! This time around, we’re focusing our CS:GO betting endeavors on FURIA vs. Liquid predictions. Yep, we’re talking about the giant semifinals clash between the best NA side and one of its fiercest competitors. Nope, it’s not MIBR, it’s not EG, and it’s not 100 Thieves, they’re all out of the competition. It’s FURIA of all teams, and the young Brazilians definitely have their eyes on the grand finals against Gen.G!

But, before we start dissecting both Liquid and FURIA, let’s take things down a notch and start elsewhere. A good place to start is checking out the most common betting mistakes. More precisely, CS:GO betting mistakes, which could seriously endanger your livelihood as an esports bettor. So, with those thoughts, let’s see what they are and how you can avoid them without putting too much strain on your CS:GO wagers!

Most Common CS:GO Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you’re looking to become a successful esports bettor, there are things you need to understand. You need to comprehend how online esports betting works, how platforms make money, and how you can get out of that equation with some extra money in your pockets. It’s not too difficult, don’t worry, but it does require you to invest a ton of time and effort.

If you’re only interested in learning about the most common CS:GO betting mistakes and the best way of avoiding them, here’s the deal:

Chasing Losses

First things first – never chase your losses! You might be wondering what that means, especially if you’re a first-time bettor. Well, chasing losses represents constant attempts to get back on level terms with the bookies after suffering massive losses. The thing with chasing losses is that it can quickly become a personal hazard. It can ruin one’s finances and relationships, which is why you should avoid chasing your losses at all costs!

Blindly Trusting Online Picks

We’re being a bit contradictory here, seeing as this piece is dedicated to online esports. Don’t get me wrong – you shouldn’t scratch online picks (such as this one) altogether… you should only use them to back your own research-driven facts.

Betting all the Time

Last but not least – you shouldn’t bet all the time! Time your bets appropriately, and don’t force wagers you’re not totally comfortable with. And most importantly, don’t bet on your favorite team! Even if there’s nothing else you can bet on, don’t bet on your favorite team! It’s better to skip that day altogether than place an emotion-driven bet that’ll bring your bankroll down.

FURIA vs. Liquid Predictions

Finally, let’s talk about the actual match on our hands here! FURIA going up against Liquid is the second semifinals match of the North American ESL One: Road to Rio event. Gen.G is waiting in the grand finals, and it’s going to be a thrilling contest no matter which of these two teams ends up going through.

Liquid Back at it Again

It takes no genius to recognize the favorite here. It’s Team Liquid, the best team in North America and still one of the toughest teams in the world. Driven by a roster packed with superstars, this new Team Liquid roster is made for success. However, they often choke. Choking has been the burning problem of Team Liquid long before Stewie2K came as TACO’s replacement. Even though they had a brilliant summer last year, Twistzz and the boys are still battling with choking and late-event consistency. Considering the fact we’re talking about a semifinal match, here, their choke potential ought to be at a relatively high level.

The Brazilians Won’t Surrender

As for FURIA, I honestly don’t know what to say about the young Brazilian team. They didn’t have a single bad match in the group stage, beating all five of their opponents without too much hassle. KSCERATO and HEN1 are in excellent forms; they are the driving factors behind FURIA’s success. Needless to say, FURIA will need both of them to perform if they are to contest Team Liquid.

Map-wise, FURIA has shown us that they’ve practiced maps they’re usually good on. Map pool depth might be the thing that separates them from Team Liquid tomorrow… But it’s a far stretch.

As far as FURIA vs. Liquid predictions go, I’d honestly go with a complex special. A high-value one, but complex too. FURIA to win 2-1 at +250 is the high-risk bet I’m going with here. If you’re looking for a bit less risk, total maps over 2.5 at -112 ought to do the trick.

FURIA vs. Liquid Predictions

Well, fellas – I believe we’re all done! I’ve already shown you everything I planned on showing for my FURIA vs. Liquid predictions, meaning we’re free to close this piece out.

As always, thank you guys for reading and hope to see you again soon! No worries, more CS:GO picks will be coming right up!

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Stay safe!

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