FURIA vs. MIBR Betting Predictions | 2021 BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Match Analysis

Furia Vs MIBR Blast Premier Spring Showdown

The first day of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown stayed true to the Group Stage’s spirit. Two out of three matches were massive upsets.

  • First, Astralis lost to OG in what was a brilliant display by the valde and the boys.
  • Second, Dignitas defeated Liquid and dealt what could be the killing blow to the current TL roster.

G2 is the only team that justified the role of the opening-round favorites. What about FURIA vs. MIBR predictions, are we going to see another upset or is this one going to go according to the books?

Well, there’s plenty to discuss here! Brazilian teams are known for fiery rivalries and this one is no different.

The biggest rivalry in Brazilian CSGO is scheduled to start tomorrow at 6.30 CEST – make sure you tune in!

If all you’re interested in is placing CSGO bets, then let’s cut to the chase and start dissecting this clash!

FURIA vs. MIBR Predictions

When was the last time these to played a head-to-head contest?

Believe it or not, it was just three weeks ago during the group stage of ESL Pro League S13. FURIA took MIBR down with resounding wins on Overpass and Inferno. Yuurih and KSCERATO weren’t the focal points here; this match was all about arT who finished it with 107 average damage per round.

So yeah, FURIA has the h2h advantage… but that’s just the start of our FURIA vs. MIBR betting predictions. There’s a ton of stuff we need to go through so it’s best we take off without any further ado!

Recent Results

A quick look at MIBR’s recent results shows one disappointing campaign after another, all the way from CS_summit 7 to the recently ESL Pro League. Unfortunately, MIBR failed to get out of the group stage on that one, partially because of that loss against FURIA.

They weren’t all that terrible, I have to admit!

They were nothing but solid against Gambit, almost going all the way on Train, following a surprising win on Overpass. Combine that with a win against Team One and C9 in the final round and you’ll realize MIBR is stronger than what meets the eye at first.

FURIA had a wicked run on ESL Pro League, reaching all the way to the semifinals.

Please Note:
They had major scalps along the way, eliminating the likes of Astralis and G2 and defeating NaVi in the group stage. Before that, though, FURIA wasn’t much better than MIBR. A couple of poor campaigns (IEM XV WC, CS_summit 7, and BLAST Premier Global Finals) emphasized their biggest flaws, though they seemed to have worked on them ahead of their ESL PL clashes.

Banning Phase Superiority

Which of these teams will have the upper hand before the match even starts, in the banning phase? Which of these two has the superior map pool that’ll help them get a better grip on the actual bo3 match?

Looking at the stats, FURIA is the clear winner here!

KSCERATO and the boys are better on Inferno, Train, Vertigo, and Nuke… but Nuke is MIBR’s permaban so it doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. MIBR will hope to snatch Dust 2 but knowing FURIA, they won’t waste a second banning this one.

Overpass could be the second choice for MIBR, though it could be anyone’s game, just like Mirage.

Roster Quality

KSCERATO and yuurih are typically the key players for FURIA. But, we have to praise arT for his fine form too. FURIA always values teamwork more than anything else, and I’m certain that will be their strategy coming into this match.

As for MIBR, the player they’ll hope to rise up to the challenge is chelo. The 22-year-old has been showing glimpses of brilliance throughout his tenure at MIBR. If he can snowball from the early game, MIBR could very easily spice this match up.

With those words, I’m afraid we’re nearing the end of our FURIA vs. MIBR tips. There’s just the official line left for us to deploy… here goes nothing:

FURIA vs. MIBR Betting Predictions
FURIA to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

I am afraid I am not brave enough to opt for a correct score wager here. I do believe MIBR will put up a fight, but I also believe FURIA will cruise to victory. Correct score 2:1 in favor of FURIA goes for around +175 which offers a far better return than our match-winner.

But, the added level of risk is significant and, at least in my books, not worth the risk.

We’re keeping things simple for our FURIA vs. MIBR tips today. So yeah, that’s about it. Thank you for your time – hope our picks will make it worth your while!

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