FURIA vs. MIBR Betting Predictions | Blast Premier Spring 2020 Picks & Betting Odds

FURIA vs. MIBR Betting Predictions | Blast Premier Spring 2020 Picks & Betting Odds

Today, we’re focusing on an all-caps matchup! MIBR going up against FURIA – the best of what the current Brazilian CSGO scene has to offer. We’re looking at two all-Brazil lineups packed with raw talent and plenty of experience. But, only one of them will remain in the upper bracket of the event. Only one of them will be just one match away from the grand finals… while the other will have to go through the hell known as the lower bracket. Which one will go where? Well, all that and more await in our FURIA vs. MIBR predictions!

FURIA vs. MIBR Predictions

MIBR was by far the most dominant side in Brazil as well as one of the best sides in the whole of NA region. However, as soon as Coldzera left for Faze Clan, that title sailed away too. Nowadays, MIBR is far from NA’s greatest. On top of that, FURIA took control over Brazil as well, leaving nothing but scraps for FalleN and the boys.

Recent Results

Needless to say, our FURIA vs. MIBR predictions are strongly affected by FURIA’s recent DreamHack Masters Spring NA triumph. After all, that’s the freshest campaign yuurih and the boys went on, so it’s only logical of us to take it into consideration. On their marvelous campaign, FURIA went on to beat the likes of Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, MIBR, and Chaos. They defeated Liquid in the grand finals, which means they’ll be coming into this match with winds of victory in their sails.

As for MIBR, they did reach the playoffs on DreamHack Masters Spring, but lost against Cloud9 in the first elimination match. Before that, they had a solid campaign that clinched them a spot on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. If we go further back, MIBR had atrocious displays on ESL One: Road to Rio and ESL Pro League, but somewhat of a solid campaign on Flashpoint. Truth be told, the level of competitiveness on Flashpoint was significantly lower than any of the other events MIBR competed on.

Map Pool Discrepancies

The map pool discrepancies between the two sides are miles apart. It’s literally the biggest map pool dominance I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been an active CSGO betting enthusiast for like 5ish years already. FURIA is better on six out of seven maps, and the seventh map is Dust 2 – the map they never play. That’s MIBR’s main map, meaning FURIA will ban it right away. As far as other maps go, I really don’t think MIBR can win a single one. Sure, they could snatch away Inferno, but even if they do, it’s going to be a massive upset, but one that probably won’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Individual Prowess

As far as individual prowess goes, I really can’t separate these two teams. Generally speaking, one would think the likes of FalleN and TACO would win this matchup simply because of the extra experience they’ve gathered throughout all these years. However, yuurih and KSCERATO nullified MIBR’s advantage with sick stats and great forms they’ve been in for the majority of 2020.

With that out of our way, I guess it’s time to cement our FURIA vs. MIBR predictions. Recent results go in favor of FURIA. Yuurih and the boys also have superior map pool. As far as individual qualities go, it’s no man’s land, really. I guess that’s settled then – FURIA to win this one. At -223, it might not yield the greatest value but is a fairly safe bet…

FURIA vs. MIBR Predictions
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