FURIA vs. NaVi Betting Predictions | IEM XV Global Challenge Match Analysis

Furia Vs Navi IEM Global Challenge

Yep, we’re turning our attention towards the IEM Global Challenge. The event starts tomorrow. What we’re looking at here is the third match of the day. It starts at 7 p.m. CET and is the first match of group B! FURIA vs. NaVi predictions is what we’re here for, so without further ado, let’s start our analysis!

FURIA vs. NaVi Predictions

Let’s kick things off here! Group B is the occasion, the first opening-round match between the two main favorites to clinch the playoffs. The second match sees Liquid go up against Heroic in what’s basically the battle for Global Finals for the boys in blue.

FURIA vs. NaVi was always going to be a highly anticipated contest. Head-to-head matches are always important, even more so when they’re basically back-to-back contests. You probably know that these two played on BLAST Premier Fall Finals just five days ago. You probably also know NaVi took FURIA down on Nuke and Inferno without a proper fight. Well, I don’t want to give any premature FURIA vs. NaVi predictions, but what I can tell you is that everything points towards NaVi just like last time out!

Unfortunately, though, we missed our pick last week. I suggested total maps over 2.5 because I expected FURIA to take Inferno with ease. Guess I was wrong. This time around, though, we’re going to keep things simple!


FURIA has been superb on NA events. However, their form took a significant hit after crossing the Atlantic pond. They’ve been pretty bad against European opponents, failing to properly contest for the title ever since their arrival.

Could we see a different FURIA on IEM XV Global Challenge?

Well, they should qualify for the playoffs… but I’m not sure just how well they’ll square off against Group A’s finest. As for NaVi, their 2020 has been pretty bad thus far. Come to think of it, this event is the last chance for them to make something out of this year.

Mind you, Natus Vincere has won just one notable event this year (IEM XV World Championship in Katowice). Winning this one won’t magically make 2020 a great year for the CIS side, but will definitely wash out that nasty taste in their mouths after losing three grand finals.

Map Pool Stats

Last time out, I predicted FURIA to take Inferno because of just how fine they performed against NiKo’s G2. But, VINI just wasn’t there and FURIA couldn’t get out of their slump. This time around, I’m calling NaVi the absolute winner in this department.

We’ve seen how they defeated FURIA last time. We’ve seen just how good S1mple has been playing lately… The Ukrainian legend needs to win this event and I’m sure he’ll start off on the right foot by dismantling FURIA right off the bat.

Individual Stats

As far as individual stats are concerned, S1mple is (yet again) the only player worth pointing out. Just last week, the brilliant Ukrainian was named as the best player of the event by HLTV.org. The best player of 2020 awards are just around the corner with S1mple and ZywOo still in a deadlock for the top spot. The outcome of this event might be the deciding factor as to which of these two brilliant individuals will take the flattering title.

When talking about FURIA, though, we can’t talk about individual supremacy. We have to talk about teamwork, teamwork, and then a bit more about teamwork. That’s what the tenacious Brazilians are all about. They’re basically the South American Astralis; there, I’ve said it!

FURIA vs. NaVi Predictions
NaVi to Win!

A match-winner on NaVi at -200 is what we’re going with here! Yep, our FURIA vs. NaVi predictions are straightforward; isn’t that a nice change. I will, however, point out an awesome (a bit riskier) alternative. NaVi to win 2:1 is what I’d suggest for a low-stake single. At +200, it’s got just the right amount of risk for it to be pretty valuable. Of course, the match-winner is what I suggest here; correct score is just an added bonus for risk lovers!


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