FURIA vs. NiP Betting Predictions | 2021 IEM XV Katowice Play-In Match Analysis

Furia Vs NiP IEM ESL Katowice

Did anyone doubt NiP’s play-in dominance following a strong display on BLAST Premier Spring groups? I didn’t, that’s for sure!

I expected Swedes to deliver, and deliver they did!

Resounding wins against Complexity and Virtus.pro pushed them straight into the group stage without needing to go through any extra matches. FURIA, though, have major issues to deal with. They have just four wins in the last thirteen matches – talk about poor form huh… Guess that’s one valuable aspect of our FURIA vs. NiP predictions.

Let’s move on and see if we can dig up more useful stuff!

FURIA vs. NiP Predictions

The stakes are high, boys and girls! It’s the opening round of the group stage and, even though we’re looking at a double-elimination group stage, winning the first match bears utmost importance. It makes life easier for the winning teams, allowing them one mistake in the remaining fixtures to clinch the playoffs.

Remember, only eight best teams advance from the group stage, and I can already tell both FURIA and NiP are eyeing their spots up there…

Everyone seems to be favoring the Swedes here, I give them the benefit of the doubt too, but we have to vary of FURIA. They are a difficult team to play against, especially when their potent players rise up to the challenge.


FURIA had a fair share of ups and downs last year. Their new six-man roster, featuring junior and honda, looks fine, but only at certain moments. They’re still battling with consistency, and if they are to lose against NiP, consistency will be their downfall.

NiP is one of the best in-form teams out there. They’ve been absolutely superb thus far on this event. Not only that, they’ve also qualified for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals… against all odds, mind you.

Their star players keep rising to the challenge, and one thing is for sure – if they start snowballing early, there will be no stopping them later on. The Brazilians have to be careful tomorrow!

The form tells us a lot about the complexity of this matchup.

As such, it bears significant importance for our FURIA vs. NiP predictions. Of course, we’re going to take it into account. But, we’re not ready to cement our CSGO picks just yet! We still have to go through several key areas here to reach a research-driven conclusion.

Map Pool Stats

Remember – we still haven’t gone through the map pool stats. It’s always an important area for CSGO betting enthusiasts; you should never skip map pool stats when doing your pre-bet research!

Please Note:
This here is a bo3 matchup, just like the majority of CSGO contests you’ll see nowadays. Bo3s are ideal for betting; bo5s rely too much on the banning phase and the map pool; bo1s are too chaotic and upset-friendly.

With that taken care of, let’s move back to FURIA vs. NiP picks! Here’s how things stand map-wise – NiP will fancy Dust 2 and Overpass; FURIA will fancy Train and Mirage. Inferno is likely to be the decider map if it doesn’t end with the first two maps, of course.

Who has the advantage here?

Well, if both teams play their part in the banning phase, they should be able to snatch one clear-cut map. The decider will be in charge of…well, deciding… and that’s where I reckon NiP’s excellent form will show up.

Individual Aspects

Hampus and Plopski are on fire! They swept past Complexity and Virtus.pro, showing off impeccable game sense and top-tier dueling ability. They will be difficult to contain; if let loose, they’re bound to cause issues for the Brazilians, both offensively and defensively.

What does FURIA bring to the table?

Well, they’re trying to utilize their six-man roster properly, but thus far didn’t really have much luck. Yuurih is still their top fragger, but he can’t do everything on his own. Junior and honda still haven’t justified the signing properly, though knowing their potential, that could change at any given moment.

All in all, I have to lean towards Ninjas in Pyjamas here. 2021 seems to be their comeback year – they certainly kicked it off in a proper manner.

Can they keep it up? Well, winning against FURIA would be a massive leap in the right direction, and I’m confident that’s exactly what they’ll do tomorrow.

FURIA vs. NiP Betting Predictions
NiP to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

NiP match-winner at -167; I’ll take that right away! The map pool stats point to the decider, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk at just -101. NiP is bound to win this one, perhaps in two! I know -167 is probably something you usually skip, but if you have it in a three-fold accumulator, you could be in for a fine return… just in time for the second round of group stage matches!

Should You Bet on This Match?

As I stated earlier, the stakes are high! This is a million-dollar event, there are just sixteen remaining teams, and a lot to play for ahead of the first group stage matches.

Eight teams are in group B, and realistically speaking, chances of both FURIA and NiP going through are next to nothing. NiP showed plenty of tenacity in recent weeks and are definitely playoff material! If you agree with me, I see no reason for skipping this one.

As always, thanks for reading!

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