FURIA vs. OG Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Fall Finals Match Analysis

Furia Vs OG Blast Premier Fall Final

Are you guys ready for another in-depth piece of esports picks and predictions? If you are, then you’ll enjoy your stay here! How come? Well, as the title suggests, this here is a piece dedicated to nothing but thorough FURIA vs. OG predictions. You know, the highly anticipated BLAST Premier Fall lower bracket encounter…

Yep, lower bracket means one of these teams is going to be eliminated tomorrow.

Will it be the fiery Brazilians or tenacious European stars? Let’s take a closer look at both sides and see what’s up!

FURIA vs. OG Predictions

Where do we start off with this one? How about head-to-head matches? FURIA going up against OG – for the second time ever, mind you! They’ve played on cs_summit 5 last year (exactly a year ago) and OG kickstarted their CSGO career with a 2:0 win.

Obviously, that won’t help our cause today. There’s no way that result affects our FURIA vs. OG predictions here. What definitely will affect them are recent results, the individual form of both sets of players, and a superior map pool. You know, the usual stuff.

So, why don’t we cut to the chase and focus on the important stuff? BLAST Premier Fall Finals is the penultimate CSGO event this year so we better make it count!


OG has fallen to the lower bracket yet again! If their Flashpoint lower bracket journey is any indicator of how this is going to go through, they could have another amazing run ahead of them. But, this time around they won’t be facing off against the likes of Dignitas and MIBR (with all due respect).

This time around, they’re starting their LB journey against FURIA, so this might be their first and last lower bracket match.

In terms of overall form, OG’s results haven’t been all that bad. Most recently, they’ve finished second on Flashpoint Season 2 after losing a proper nailbiter against Virtus.pro in the end. Two months earlier, they on IEM XV New York, OG had reached the grand finals for the first time ever only to get stomped 3:0 by Faze Clan.

FURIA has won five notable events this year. They’ve played in the grand finals on two additional occasions, but lost against Gen.G on both of them.

However, take this with a grain of salt since FURIA was participating in North American events. OG, on the other hand, participated in Europe and had much tougher opponents. As far as FURIA’s European endeavors are concerned, they lost against Astralis and G2.

Their biggest scalp was G2 last week on DreamHack Masters Winter… although that doesn’t mean much following yesterday’s loss which shoved them to the lower bracket.

Map Pool Stats

There are quite a few things to be said about the map pool stats of both teams. For starters, Vertigo and Inferno have been nothing but phenomenal for FURIA lately, and we’re certain OG will ban one of them right off the bat. Vertigo is usually their go-to ban, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they opt for Inferno instead.

Talking about bans, FURIA is likely to eliminate Dust 2. That leaves OG with Mirage and Overpass. The latter is going to be tight, but stats point towards OG.

As for FURIA, they should have an edge on Train in addition to the two aforementioned maps. This gives the Brazilians a slight edge, although nothing we’ll base our FURIA vs. OG predictions on. It looks like we need to dig even deeper!

Individual Stats

Even though yuurih and KSCERATO are doing all the dirty work for FURIA, I feel VIN1 has to be pointed out for his remarkable efforts on Inferno. If OG goes for their usual Vertigo ban, Inferno is almost guaranteed and FURIA will need VIN1 to have another top-notch display.

Who’s going to be causing problems on the other end?

Well, if recent matches are a good indication of problem-makers, valde is the prime suspect. The Danish prodigy is making his presence known out there, averaging a 1.22 HLTV rating over the last months’ worth of matches.

FURIA vs. OG Betting Predictions
FURIA to Win!

I’m going with a match-winner on FURIA here! It was a tough decision, mind you. It was either that or a 2:0 correct score for FURIA. At +180, that’s a solid alternative for people who like to play risky. For everyone else, a god old match-winner should do the trick. Plus, FURIA’s lower bracket journey could be very interesting.

Value-wise, if they stomp over OG, we’re looking at a proper treat here!

That’s it for today, folks!

Join us again (probably) tomorrow.

Donnie out…

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