FURIA vs. Team Envy Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Betting Predictions

The first round of ESL One: Road to Rio NA matches is all done. We’re turning our attention to the next day which features another set of interesting matches. This time around, we’re going to focus on FURIA vs. Envy predictions. It’s arguably the highest-value match out of the ones panning out tomorrow. There are several esports betting opportunities I’d like to emphasize so let’s jump straight to the action!

How to Bet on ESL One: Road to Rio | CS:GO Betting Tips

Typically, this section of our picks is reserved for checking out the best esports bookmakers. Today, though, I decided to mix things up a bit. Instead of forwarding you to our favorite esports bookies, let’s talk a bit about what to do and what not to do when betting on CS:GO matches.


  • Do plenty of research for every wager
  • Do double-check every match fact
  • Do manage your bankroll carefully
  • Do be careful with your accumulators
  • Do explore multiple CS:GO specials


  • Don’t blindly trust CS:GO tips
  • Don’t go all-in with wagers all the time
  • Don’t bet when under the influence
  • Don’t ever chase your losses
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations

For more information about the essentials, please refer to our CS:GO betting guide. Not only does it explain the basics behind starting your CS:GO betting career, but it also pinpoints the best bookies, guides you through the history of CS:GO betting, and emphasizes the biggest events you should bet on. It’s a must-read no matter how experienced you are; trust me!

FURIA vs. Envy Predictions

As far as concrete CS:GO betting predictions go, here’s the deal:

FURIA is the favorite coming into this match, there’s no doubt about that!

Even though they failed to reach the ESL Pro League grand finals, they’re still considered the third-best team in NA. Yep, third-best – in my books, FURIA is above MIBR, at least for the moment.

Form-wise, KSCERATO and HEN1 are still the best-performing players in FURIA’s roster. They are the driving force of this team and need to play their A-game if they want to make a statement on this event. Obviously, KSCERATO’s and HEN1’s magnificent form will affect our final FURIA vs. Envy predictions.

Talking about forms, it’s important to note down Envy’s top fraggers. Needless to say, Calyx is still at the top spot, followed by MICHU. This duo is for Envy what KSCERATO and HEN1 are for FURIA. They are the standout figures that will most likely decide the outcome of this matchup.

Recent Matches

Envy’s last campaign (DreamHack Masters Spring) didn’t go as planned. They failed to snatch one of two DH Masters Spring tickets, after losing the last two matches (against Cloud9 and Bad News Bears). They lacked composure in crucial rounds which resulted in an underwhelming performance. Prior to that, though, they won against Swole Patrol, and Recon 5, but I guess those aren’t such notable feats considering the quality (or the lack thereof) of their opponents.

As for FURIA, their last batch of matches was on the ESL Pro League S11 NA. What kicked off with excellent wins against Team Liquid and MIBR almost finished off horribly wrong. Luckily, KSCERATO and the company brought themselves back up and won against 100 Thieves and MIBR (once again). Unfortunately, they just couldn’t beat Evil Geniuses to reach the grand finals. Still, a much better form and higher quality opponents than that of Envy.

Concrete CS:GO picks

We’ve already checked out individual and collective forms of both teams. There’s only one thing left unchecked, and that would be their map pools. This is where Envy gets a strong point in their favor. You see, the only map on which FURIA should be miles ahead of is Mirage. Overpass is there too, but Mirage should be the key figure in FURIA’s attempt to defeat Envy.

However, Envy’s performances on Inferno, Nuke, and Train emphasize their versatility. They are able to play well off each other across all those maps, meaning we’re likely to see the decider map here.

Unfortunately for Envy, even if they secure the decider map, the experience of FURIA’s players ought to be the deciding factor.

With that in mind, I’m going with a risky bet here – FURIA to win 2-1 at +175. If that’s too risky for you, you can go with total maps over 2.5 at +110, which is also a very good pick.

My Pick
FURIA to win 2-1
Total maps over 2.5
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