FURIA vs. Virtus.pro Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Match Analysis

Furia Vs Virtus Blast Premier Fall Showdown

We’re almost halfway through the Showdown. Yep, as the title suggests – we’re focusing on BLAST Premier Fall Showdown here. More precisely, we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest on FURIA vs. Virtus.pro predictions.

It’s the second-round matchup that’s set to decide one of four finalists. Which team will get a chance to fight for one of two BLAST Premier Fall Finals tickets?

Well, that’s what this piece is all about.

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FURIA vs. Virtus.pro Predictions

Virtus.pro are the favorites according to most bookies… I honestly expected bookies to side with FURIA given their excellent displays on NA events. But, it seems as though they’ve finally recognized just how tougher the EU region is.

In short, I can see why they’re favoring Virtus.pro here. After all, they’re in excellent form, having been on a twenty-two-matches winning streak that ended earlier this month. True, most of their opponents were CIS teams, but still… such a big winning streak is not to be taken for granted.

FURIA is not to be taken for granted, though! The Brazilians are very capable players. Individually, they’re pretty good, but their key strength lies in their teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream work and that’s what this FURIA roster is all about!

Recent Campaigns

FURIA has won three competitions in the last four months. Their only mishap was the recent BLAST Premier Fall Regular Season where they lost against G2 and MIBR and got eliminated right off the bat. However, we have to point out the fact FURIA’s been doing great in NA events. As soon as they traversed the Atlantic, their form dropped. They defeated Isurus, I’ll give them that, but it was after a nasty scare that must’ve shaken the players to their core.

Both FURIA and Virtus.pro had to go for a reverse sweep to win the opening round and stay in the competition. Virtus.pro had a much easier decider map whereas FURIA went to full thirty rounds on the decider map.

Moving on with our FURIA vs. Virtus.pro predictions, let’s say a few words about individual player stats before switching towards map pool stats and concrete picks.

Individual Stats

Individually, I’m not sure which way to call this one. I think I’m going with Virtus.pro… but it doesn’t really mean much because FURIA is one of those teams that plays off teamwork more than their individual strengths. That’s not to say they don’t have strong individuals. HEN1 and yuurih are doing wonders out there.

But, I have to admit I’ve been rather disappointed with the way these two have played against European opponents earlier this month.

On the other end of the server, YEKINDAR has to be pointed out as one of the biggest surprises out there. The 21-year-old Latvian youngster is developing into a young star. Alongside Jame, YEKINDAR has been Virtus.pro’s top fragger for a few months already. He had a day off against Spirit, but I’m sure he’ll wake up and bring his A-game against the Brazilians.

Map Pool Stats

We’re nearing the end of our FURIA vs. Virtus.pro predictions. We still need to go through map pool stats as they always tell us a lot about tightly contested matchups… and this one has all the makings of one.

Please Note:
Statistically, Virtus.pro’s map pool is superior. But stats don’t always tell the full story – you need more context. In this case, we need to account for the fact Virtus.pro has been playing against CIS sides for the most part. Plus, their statistical superiority is there, but it’s not that significant. It’s all within statistical error territory, meaning things are pretty tight as far as the map pool goes.

I’d love to see them face off on Mirage, Inferno, and Train. Those are their highest-percentage maps, meaning we’d probably witness a true CSGO wonder. Just in time for the holiday season too…

FURIA vs. Virtus.pro Betting Predictions
Virtus.pro to Win!

Yessir – I’m going with Virtus.pro here. FURIA is going to put up quite the fight, that’s for sure… but jame and the boys will be ready for them. FURIA almost slipped against Isurus, and that ought to have left a mark on the players.

YEKINDAR and Jame will be crucial in Virtus.pro’s ticket run. If they show up for the occasion tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll push their team through!

Looks like this will be yet another flimsy campaign for FURIA…

I guess that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for sticking till the very end!

Donnie out…

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