2020 World Championship: G2 Esports vs. DAMWON Gaming

G2 Vs Damwon

The first semifinal clash of the 2020 World Championship is finally here, and it’s quite a doozy. A fight between G2 Esports and DAMWON Gaming simply has to deliver, and if you’re into top-tier competitive League, this is about as good as it gets gameplay-wise. The fact that both behemoths outclassed their quarterfinal opponents with staggering ease sets the stage for a clash of the ages. Heck, maybe that’s even an understatement.

On the one side, we have the best and most talented team Europe ever fostered —  a line-up that has now reached Top 4 at Worlds for the third year in a row.

They’ve already etched their names in competitive League history but they’re still not content. Not in the slightest. For a team of this caliber, finishing Top 2 last year felt like a disappointment. They wanted more and they certainly had it in them. 2020, therefore, can be seen as a redemption arc, although how deep they’ll eventually go still remains to be seen.

On their road stands a team that’s as hyped as humanly possible: DAMWON Gaming.

This LCK giant isn’t your average run-of-the-mill champion, but instead an absolute juggernaut. Simply put, they excel in nearly every element of play. Their mistakes are few in number, and the level at which they’re able to execute — regardless of the context — is simply mind-blowing. They’re widely considered as the front-runners to win the whole thing and there’s a very good reason why that’s the case. Watching them play and dominate is also somewhat strange. They carry a bit of that age-old LCK style (slow and subdued, macro-oriented) but have also adapted to today’s more hectic, skirmish-heavy meta. There’s no time wasted whenever they’re on the Rift, and if they’re given an inch they’ll capitalize in a blink of an eye. With a star-studded roster (and some of the best laners in the world), they’re well-equipped for the monumental task at hand: beating Europe’s finest.

Still, this match-up is far from one-sided, and it could really go either way.

The reason why it’s so darn enticing is because it’s surrounded by many question marks, which means there are no guarantees whatsoever. Perhaps most interestingly, we’ll witness a clash of teams that are seemingly equal in strength and potential. They’ve even faced each other at last year’s Worlds with G2 winning out in 3:1 fashion, although that means very little at this point. A lot can change in one year’s time, and DAMWON is looking better (and more cohesive) than ever before.

The G2 Conundrum

You’re never quite sure which shade of G2 will come out and play and that, while definitely exciting, is an absolute nightmare betting-wise. Generally speaking, you want a team that’s consistent with well-defined strengths and weaknesses — someone who doesn’t stray far from the beaten path and can be counted upon.

G2 is none of these things. They’ll experiment, fool around, and draft the most insane, mind-boggling team comps just because they can. They like to flex and show off, even to their detriment. That’s their M.O. basically, and their most defining characteristic. You can’t have the G2 we all know and love without these peculiar idiosyncrasies — the good and the bad go hand-in-hand.

Please Note:
This is why it’s so darn frustrating to bet on/against them when it comes to these high-profile clashes and historic Best of 5s that will undoubtedly become a part of competitive League folklore. They’re a high variance team by nature, which really isn’t a positive thing if your hard-earned money is on the line. G2 doesn’t always prepare all that well and their execution also fluctuates on a daily basis. But when the stars align, when they set things up and play to the best of their ability, they’re an absolute force of nature. We saw that in their series against Gen.G as well — an absolute shellacking if there ever was one. They made Gen.G look like a bunch of scrubs, as if they were a randomly assembled group of solo queue randoms, rather than one of the best teams the LCK has to offer.

This means that, if they play at their absolute best level, they should definitely be able to — at the very least — give DAMWON a run for their money if not straight-out win the whole series. If, however, they’re not picture=perfect in execution, they’ll be in for a rude awakening. The burning question here is: call G2 pull off an upset? The answer, simply put, is a resounding yes. Still, it’s not as clear-cut as we’d like and it hinges around many things that seemingly aren’t in G2’s control.

Closing Remarks

If you’re looking for the safest possible option, betting on DAMWON would be for the best. They’ve done more than enough to warrant our benefit of the doubt, and other than one or two shaky early games, they’ve been damn near perfect throughout Worlds so far. If you’re looking for something a bit spicier, going for a correct score wager (3:2) in DAMWON’s favor could end up being a wise choice as well although there’s a lot more risk involved.

All of that aside, it needs to be said that G2 performs best when their backs are against the wall. DAMWON will push them to their very limits, which means we could see the best and most dangerous G2 Esports yet.

They have a phenomenal record against LCK teams and even though they’re considered as the underdogs coming into this Best of 5, the odds are simply too good to pass up, which is why we’re going with the LEC champions on this one. Fingers crossed!

G2 Esports to Win!
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