G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming Betting Predictions | 2021 LEC Spring Split Match Analysis

The seventh week of the 2021 LEC Spring Split is here and, needless to say, it’s packed with numerous exciting match-ups!

As far as predictions go, G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming is a pretty easy one to make.

There are just five more games left to be played which means that each and every single match going forward matters immensely. Simply put: there’s no more room for error.

So, as a result, you can expect everyone to be on their best behavior going forward. There’s no more fooling around, no more experimental drafts, ill-advised champion picks, or reckless moves in-game — everyone will double down on their strengths and put their best foot forward in an attempt to close out the regular portion of the split on a high note.

Fortunately for us (i.e. those looking to bet on competitive League), the LEC playoff picture is pretty clear at this point. The five best teams in the region have a solid enough lead over their opposition, which means there’s just a single playoff spot left hanging in the air — with Misfits Gaming, Excel Esports, and Schalke 04 all fighting to secure it.

Misfits, who are arguably the best team of the bunch, will face an uphill battle going forward, given how they’re scheduled to face G2 Esports, Fnatic, and MAD Lions over the next two weeks. Talk about a murderer’s row… And, despite having some standout moments last week, they’re not favored to leave much of a mark.

In fact, we’re putting it mildly here:
They’re outmatched in every sense of the word. They lack the tools, talent, and cohesion that are necessary to compete at the highest of levels, and while that’s definitely a harsh way of phrasing things, it is by no means incorrect.

And that’s a shame, really. They’ve had more than just a couple of brilliant flashes early on in the split, but for one reason or another, they couldn’t build on that momentum and rise above their seemingly inherent gatekeeper status. Whether they’ll eventually outgrow it is anyone’s guess at this point, but it’s a bit too late for them to correct course as far as the Spring Split is concerned.

G2 — The Essence of Greatness

G2 Esports, on the other hand, are about as clean and commanding as everyone thought they’d be coming into 2021. They still like to experiment and fool around a bit too much, but it’s impossible to criticize them for it. After all, they’re head and shoulders above their peers, so what’s stopping them from having a bit of fun along the way? Once the playoffs come around, they’ll undoubtedly wreck house, much like they always do.

They’re the best and most capable team Europe ever fostered, and they’re all but guaranteed to defend their throne in a couple of weeks and eventually represent Europe at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. Rogue and Fnatic will certainly challenge to the best of their ability, but G2 is more than prepared for anything they might bring to the table.

So is there anything Misfits can do to potentially get the win on Saturday?

Well, in short: no. They’re outmatched both individually but also as a five-man unit. They’re less experienced and are nowhere near as talented as the defending LEC champions. They won’t go down without a fight, mind you, but once push comes to shove, they’ll almost certainly make a slew of egregious mistakes, which will, in turn, allow G2 to punish and close things out in quite convincing fashion — much like they always do.

Match Winner
G2 Esports
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