G2 Esports vs. Natus Vincere Betting Predictions | IEM XV Beijing-Haidian Semifinal Match

G2 Esports Vs Natus Vincere IEM

We’re already at the business end of IEM XV Beijing! G2 and Natus Vincere is the first semifinal matchup. Heroic vs. Team Vitality has just started – that match will give us the fourth semifinalist that’s set to play against Complexity tomorrow.

G2 vs. NaVi predictions are of utmost importance, though, because the match starts in less than 20 hours.

No worries, there’s just enough time to place your wagers, so let’s dig right into the fun stuff!

Which of these two teams will find their place in the grand finals? Can G2 reach their fourth grand finals this year? Can Natus Vincere stop their run in the semifinals for the second time this year? Well, that’s exactly the kind of stuff we aim to find out by the end of our G2 vs. NaVi predictions.

As always, this guide is oriented towards CSGO betting enthusiasts, so we’ll try to cement our findings with concrete picks. There’s a ton of things we need to cover so let’s get down to it!

G2 vs. NaVi Predictions

G2 and NaVi played four head to head matches thus far this year. NaVi came out on top on three occasions. G2 took them down just once – after hard-fought double overtime on Mirage during DH Masters Spring. Interestingly enough, the decider map was needed four times in the last six head-to-head matches.

But things could be a bit different now that NiKo is in the discussion.

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Recent Campaigns

Natus Vincere just can’t get a proper winning streak up and running. The last time they were on more than a two-match winning streak was from early September to early October, during ESL Pro League Season 12 EU.

They narrowly lost in the grand finals against Astralis and failed to get back up following that heartbreaking defeat.

Since then, NaVi had an unsuccessful, drama-packed adventure at the IEM XV New York CIS event. Shortly after that, they managed to clinch a spot in BLAST Premier Fall Finals, even though they lost the final group stage match against OG.

Since October 28th, the day of NiKo’s arrival, G2 has lost two and won six matches. They lost against Astralis (but won the second match to win the group) and against NiP (still qualified for the playoffs). The NiKo effect is real, and it might just be enough to push them through against NaVi too.

That said, let’s talk about individual stats so we can address the elephant in the room.

Individual Stats

When talking about individual potential, NaVi are usually the superior side. They have S1mple – one of the most lethal CSGO fraggers out there. Electronic is not to be taken for granted either, but it’s safe to say S1mple is on a whole different level.

However, this new NiKo-powered G2 roster is a proper contender. Actually, the only real contender.

There’s NiKo, a real menace that can start popping them kills at any given round. Then there’s nexa and hunter, the dynamic Balkan duo that brought G2 to a whole new level following their major roster rework. We can’t forget KennyS either. He’s not what he used to be, but the occasional glimpse of pure AWPing brilliance is more than enough to recognize the game!

So yeah, as far as individual potential goes, I’d say G2 takes the big W!

Map Pool Stats

What about map pool stats? What’s separating G2 and NaVi in that department?

Well, here’s the situation:
Natus Vincere should be able to secure Train, seeing as that’s their most successful map at the moment. Overpass should go in their favor too, but G2 will probably ban it right off the bat. As for NaVi’s ban, they’re likely to opt for Vertigo, like they usually do. G2 should be better on Mirage; Vertigo is probably going to be banned so it doesn’t really count Everything else is going to be heavily contested on both ends.
G2 vs. NaVi Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

Wrapping Things Up

Head to head matches go heavily in favor of Natus Vincere…. However, everything else (more or less) points slightly towards G2. Best of all, NiKo hasn’t even fully settled into his new role at G2. There’s still room for improvement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the biggest jump against NaVi tomorrow.

We saw him do great things against Faze Clan.

There was no room for love on that server… especially in the tightly contested first map where NiKo led G2 to an overtime win with 31 kills in total. I’m sure there’s more room to grow for the Bosnian… I’m also sure he’ll be the deciding factor against Natus VIncere… I’m also kind of sure G2 will win IEM XV Beijing.

That’s all for today folks! Hope we finally string together a winning streak!

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