G2 Esports vs. Schalke 04 Predictions | 2021 LEC Spring Split Playoffs

The 2021 LEC Spring Split playoffs are currently underway and, as far as predictions go, G2 Esports vs. Schalke 04 is a pretty easy one to make. The outcome of this particular Best of 5 is basically a foregone conclusion, which doesn’t mean there’s no reason to tune in.

On the contrary!

This match has all the hallmarks of a barnburner, and it should, by all means, entertain us in all the right ways. Well, that’s what we’re hoping for, at least. You can never be too certain whenever G2 Esports are involved.

They’re often too crazy for their own good, but it’s not like there’s a team in Europe that could ever punish their hubris — they have free reign over the region and can do whatever they please. That is especially true for Best of 5s in which they’re nigh unbeatable.

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Schalke 04, on the other hand, are as quirky and idiosyncratic as ever. Now, that’s either a very good or a very bad thing depending on your allegiance and overall expectations. They’re a gatekeeper through and through — there’s just no other way of putting it. And, frankly, there’s no shame in that. At times they can punch way above their weight class and compete with the best teams in the LEC, before once again plummeting back to earth. It’s like they fly “too close to the sun” and then crash and burn as a result of their vanity — the “self-conceit” of a bunch of players who thought they could reach higher than what was intended for them.

But even though they’ve “crashed” on multiple different occasions in the past, they’ve yet to be phased by their perpetual failure. That’s the one thing you have to give them credit for — they’re unrelenting, and they’ll either upset the long-established status quo or they’ll implode trying. And sure, they implode every single time, but it’s the thought that counts. Their efforts deserve praise, even though they’ve yet to bear any fruit.

Who knows: maybe one day they’ll truly pull it off?

That day, however, is still a remote construct — one that might not ever happen. And even if it does, it won’t happen any time soon.

G2 Esports vs. Schalke 04 Predictions

As already mentioned, G2 Esports are heavily favored in this one and explaining why that’s the case would be quite superfluous. They are, quite literally, the best team ever assembled on European soil. They’re so much better than everyone else that it’s not even fair — other teams can only dream of challenging them.

Everyone else is lacking in one way or another, and the same goes for Schalke 04.

They are by no means a bottom-tier dweller, but they do pale in comparison next to G2, the reigning LEC champions who just so happen to be stacked from top to bottom with the absolute best players in each and every single role.

If the LEC were a free market, G2 Esports would rightfully be considered a monopoly.

They’ve outclassed and demolished their opposition through the simplest of means: by signing the best players available and giving them room to maneuver. Now sure, there was a bit of poaching involved as well, but they even did that with style, in true G2 fashion.

Overall, a swift 3:0 is in the cards.

Well, at least if the reigning LEC champions decide to put their best foot forward and execute to the best of their ability. If they decide to fool around, however, they’ll still emerge victorious, but it probably won’t be as quick. Still, a win is a win, and that’s all that matters.

G2 Esports vs. Schalke 04 Predictions
G2 Esports

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