G2 vs. Astralis Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Match Analysis

G2 Vs Astralis Dreamhack Masters

We have two fine matches ahead of us! The knockout stage of DreamHack Masters Spring is just about to start following a 5-day break. G2 vs. Astralis tips is what we’re concentrating on here. The second match, FURIA vs. NaVi, ought to bring a fair share of excitement too.

After all, there’s a lot of money on the line, prestige too…

Let’s not forget about Pro Tour points either! The stakes couldn’t be any higher, so let’s see which of these two teams should have the upper hand tomorrow.

G2 vs. Astralis Predictions

Betting on CSGO is gaining in popularity these days; not surprising considering the sheer size and importance of DreamHack Masters Spring! Not only is there a $100,000 grand prize on the line, but 1000 Pro Tour points as well.

Don’t even get me started on the prestige of winning such a historical competition…

The winner of this quarterfinal setup is set to play against Gambit in the semifinals. That match is scheduled for Saturday at 8 PM CEST, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Where to Bet on G2 vs. Astralis?

What bookie should you use to bet on this particular match? Well, if you already have a go-to esports bookmaker, just use it. It’s bound to have odds for this match, after all, it’s one of the biggest ongoing esports contests.

If, however, you’re about to place your first-ever CSGO bet, I’m afraid you’re in for quite the treat… You see, picking your first esports bookie is not an easy feat. If you don’t have hours to burn on research, head on over to our esports betting sites guide. Just pick one of our favorites; no worries, the list has been updated earlier this month.

Back to G2 vs. Astralis analysis – let’s focus on the three most important segments!

Most Recent Results

G2 are finally looking like the team everyone wanted them to be following NiKo’s arrival. But, can they build on their current track record and add Astralis to the list of major scalps? I mean, we’ve waited so long for them to show their true power, can they really go all the way here? Well, it’s now or never, I guess…

Please Note:
G2 qualified for IEM XVI Summer, they’re also set to play on BLAST Premier Spring Finals and are on the right path to qualify for IEM XVI Cologne too. The thing is, once they do get onto the main event, they usually choke and get eliminated right off the bat. But, that wasn’t the case here! They’re in the quarterfinals and could, realistically, go all the way!

The thing about Astralis is that we can’t really use their recent mishaps against them. After all, this event is Astralis’ “deviceless” debut. But, bubzkji is proving to be a worthy replacement. His gameplay is on a whole new level, much better than it was back when he was their sixth man.

But, it’s worth pointing out that the start of 2021 has been one of the roughest spells of matches for the Great Danes.

That’s a valid reason to take into consideration for our G2 vs. Astralis tips, despite bubzkji’s splendid performances.

Map Pool Stats

G2 should have the upper hand tomorrow if we’re going to trust the map pool stats. They’re better on Mirage, Inferno, and Nuke, though their advantage on the latter is not that significant. Astralis have better stats on Dust 2; they’re statistically superior on Train too, but it’s a matter of nuances.

Individual Aspects

Siding with G2 is the only logical move I can make here. After all, in-form NiKo and huNter look absolutely scary. Let’s not forget nexa – his flashes of dominance often result in easy round wins! If G2 continue to play they have been since the start of this event, they’re bound to give Astralis a run for their money.

Bubzkji is the player everyone is focusing on in Astralis’ starting roster.

The youngster has massive shoes to fill, but thus far he’s been doing pretty well. He’s not the best Astralis player on the event, but he’s not far either! One good match would definitely give him a much-needed morale boost… if not for the semis then surely for upcoming competitions.

G2 vs. Astralis Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

At the end of it all, I decided to side with G2! Niko and huNter ought to swing the odds in G2’s direction tomorrow! I know bubzkji has been playing well, but I reckon this is way too much pressure for him. G2 to win at -152; can’t wait to see them against Gambit on Saturday!

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