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We got another special treat for you guys – G2 vs. BIG predictions. I know our DreamHack Masters Spring EU CS:GO picks haven’t been the most successful ones thus far, but I’m sure we can turn a new page with today’s pieces. We already covered Fnatic vs. MAD Lions and hopefully, these two can provide us with a hefty return so we can keep investing in these chaotic Bo3 playoff matchups!

G2 vs. BIG Predictions

Things are pretty chaotic on the European DreamHack Masters event. Astralis is already out of the competition while the likes of Faze Clan and Natus Vincere have no room for an additional mistake. These two sides, however, aren’t battling for the right to remain in the event. Instead, they’re battling for a spot on the grand finals. The losing team is not eliminated, they’re just redirected to the lower bracket finals where they’ll have another shot at clinching the grand finals.

As far as our G2 vs. BIG predictions go, we’ll start with a few words on the individual forms of players on both ends.

Individual Form

TabseN and syrsoN are the leading men in the current BIG roster. XANTARES and tiziaN aren’t far behind either, displaying solid stats and superb consistency throughout the last month or so. TabseN is one of the best-performing IGL’s out there, which is what allows BIG that extra bit of leeway against tactically superior opponents.

As for G2, hunter, nexa and kennyS are in fine form. Still, the Bosnian superstar, Faze NiKo’s cousin, has to be pointed out as the best fragger in the current G2 roster. However, the thing with G2 is that three out of five men they have in their starting roster can provide with brutal fragging at any given point. KennyS can snowball, nexa can snowball… and I guess I don’t have to waste my words describing what a behemoth huNter is…

NaVi No Match for G2

Coming into this match, both G2 and BIG defeated two of Europe’s top teams. NaVi fell down to G2 and Faze fell down to BIG. Natus Vincere was a much tougher nut to crack, to be honest, and if they had just a bit more luck on Mirage, perhaps this match could’ve gone the other way around. But, they failed, they choked, and allowed hunter to run circles around them. In the end, the Bosnian star led his team forward, finishing with superb 54 kills on two maps.

Did Faze Choke?

Moving on with our G2 vs. BIG predictions, we have to mention BIG’s triumph against Faze Clan. What was so special about that match; what helped BIG rise to the top and take the big W? Was the only reason an astonishing performance by k1to, TabseN, and syrsoN or was Faze Clan just too bad?

Well, I reckon it was a combination of both. The German trio was superb, there’s no point denying that, but the likes of NiKo and Rain were unusually bleak and unimpressive. Even though NiKo had plenty of kills, his overall presence on the map wasn’t up to his usual standards, which resulted in a quick and easy 2-0 for G2.

G2 vs. BIG Predictions

I really think this is going to be much closer than most people think, especially considering the way Big stomped over Faze Clan yesterday. The ideals solution, in my books, would be to go with a total maps over bet… but the way I’ve been losing those wagers in recent weeks makes me scared to invest in them again. I guess I’ll be making another pause from map totals…

That means the only somewhat realistic wager we’re left with here is match-winner… and while +120 on BIG possesses solid value, I don’t think they’ll go all the way. TabseN and the boys will have their moments, that’s for sure. They’re likely to take a map off KennyS and the boys, but I really doubt they’ll be able to sway the odds in their favor once the decider map kicks off.

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