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G2 Vs EG IEM Katowice

What’s up, fellas? How are you enjoying your Friday? Are you preparing to attack the CSGO betting scene tonight? There are a couple of awesome IEM XV Katowice matches scheduled for tomorrow. If you’re looking for stuff to bet on, surely G2 vs. EG predictions will be of interest.

Lucky you – that’s exactly what we’re here for!

G2 vs. EG Betting Predictions

Let’s start off by addressing the most recent matchups between these two! Head-to-head matches between G2 and EG don’t really give much valuable information.

How come?

Well, these to have played back-to-back wins and losses, with no real pattern that we can use for our picks. I guess we’ll have to move on with our discussion if we are to find something that’s of actual help.

Map Depth

Even though they’re both in poor form, there’s one thing that differentiates them drastically – the map pool. People expected G2 to drop their typical map pool choices upon NiKo’s arrival, but the Bosnian fragger quickly adapted to G2’s style. He brought many dynamics to the table, offering more solutions on Mirage and Dust 2, which further broadens G2’s map pool.

EG will have no way to win the banning phase, and that’s crucial for our G2 vs. EG predictions. How come? Well, I’ll go out on a limb here and say that, even if EG starts the match off with a resounding win on their map pick, G2’s map pool depth will allow them an easier reverse sweep.

Of course, I’m getting way ahead of myself here; EG is a high-quality team… but their poor run of form has something to do with their map experimentations. It all depends on the way they approach tomorrow’s match… though I can’t help but to point G2 out as the favorites in this department.


Form-wise, both of these teams should be outright ashamed of themselves. We’re talking about some of the strongest teams out there, yet they’ve been stringing together losses after losses. On the bright side, at least one of them will end up with a win tomorrow.

Who’s it going to be?

Well, that’s what our G2 vs. EG predictions are here to find out!

You might think I’m joking here, but I’m not – both EG and G2 are in poor form. A solid result on this event is a must-have for both. However, only one of them will remain in the competition after tomorrow. Yep, the stakes are immensely high, fellas… and from the looks of things thus far, NiKo and the boys have a slight advantage over their NA org.

Roster Strengths

Brehze and CeRq are oscillating; they just can’t get their consistency up and running. Although the same can be said about G2’s roster, they feel more like a true collective… at least for the moment.

Please Note:
NiKo’s arrival could’ve shaken them up, but it didn’t. Niko has settled in just fine, mostly thanks to his Balkan connection with hunter and nexa, and that’s practically the key reason why I’m siding with G2 in this department.

Heck, we’re basically done with our stuff here; here’s what you need to know in terms of concrete picks, followed by a brief conclusion/elaboration:

G2 vs. EG Picks
G2 to Win!

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G2 is the favorite here, but only ever so slightly.

How come?

Well, let’s face it – they do have a strong roster, one of the strongest rosters out there… but they just can’t get the results everyone expects of them. It is a weird situation, having the likes of NiKo and KennyS onboard, coupled with nexa and hunter, and still failing to reach their goals.

However, that might change in 2021! Heck, that might even change on this event. I know, I know, G2’s start was outright terrible… but if they get things going against EG, they might start snowballing… assuming they get out of the group stage, of course.

What about our G2 vs. EG predictions?

We have to end with a concrete pick. Well, as you can see above, I’ve decided to side with NiKo and the boys. I know they haven’t been the best choice for us looking back at our previous betting campaigns, but they just have to make things work against EG… otherwise, they might end up in serious trouble.

At -169, I reckon the match-winner on G2 is a solid single here. If you’re in for high-risk, high-reward type of scenarios, feel free to include it in one of your accumulators… just make sure you pick the right stuff to go alongside it.

That’s about it for today, folks!

Let’s take a bit of rest this weekend and hope for the best!

Cheers guys, hope you get some rest.

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