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After weeks and weeks of waiting, CS_Summit 6 is finally starting. Two days ago, the North American iteration kicked off with its surprise-packed stage-one double-elimination bracket. Later today, we’re finally going to see the European side of the table too. Of course, our esports betting picks will be the focal point during this event, starting with our G2 vs. Fnatic predictions which are based on the first match of group A.

The special thing about this event is that it’s the last CS:GO event before the players’ summer break. The summer break starts following the end of CS_Summit 6 and will last until early August. The first proper event after the players’ break is DreamHack Open Summer which will, just like most other post-pandemic CS:GO events thus far, be played in an online environment.

As far as our G2 vs. Fnatic predictions are concerned, if you’re thinking of betting on CS:GO, it ought to be helpful. How come? Well, for starters – it packs a ton of information that should be useful for potential CS:GO bettors, even those that won’t follow my exact tips. We’ll go through the recent forms, individual performances and per-map stats to try and figure out which of these two top-tier European teams will start their CS_Summit 6 adventure on the right foot!

G2 vs. Fnatic Predictions

After a disastrous BLAST Premier Finals where we nailed down less than 50% of our total bets, it’s time to get back on winning ways and make some profit, at least. CS_Summit 6 betting should be the perfect opportunity as both European and American events sport several outsiders that could yield massive value under the right circumstances.

But, enough about that – let’s focus on the task at hand and see which way our G2 vs. Fnatic predictions are going to go.

Head to Head Matches

The matches between these two teams have been pretty chaotic, especially if we’re judging by the last head to head encounter earlier this year. Intel Extreme Masters Katowice was the event where G2 defeated the Swedes in the grand finals. Last year, though, Fnatic was much more successful, but we’re talking about a totally different G2 roster without nexa and hunter who’ve developed into the main stars.

Individual Performances

When it comes to individual performances, it’s difficult to separate these two teams. On one end, we have nexa, hunter and KennyS; on the other end, we have Brollan, KRIMZ, and Flusha. It’s a pretty tight race, to say the least!

Form-wise, though, we have to side with G2, despite their awful run on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. Nexa and hunter are enjoying themselves out there, while KennyS is showing glimpses of brilliance, reminding everyone of his glory days back in 2014 and 2015.

Recent Results

G2’s recent matches aren’t exactly the best. If we judge by the last four matches, it’s a pretty big contrast to their results from, let’s say, a month or two ago. Three defeats and one win; a chaotic hard-fought win against ENCE, mind you. In fact, that win against ENCE was the only win the French side had on BLAST Premier Finals. The first loss in G2’s recent set was against BIG in the DreamHack Masters Spring grand finals. The second one was against Vitality and the third one was against NaVi – the match that resulted in elimination.

As for Fnatic, their last four matches feature a 50% win rate. Not too shabby, though, there’s plenty of room for improvement. The Swedes didn’t perform on BLAST Premier Finals, though, which must’ve been a massive hit to their summer vibes. And they didn’t even play that poortly. They were the second-place team in group B, reaching the semifinals right from the group stage… but failed to defeat Vitality in the semis which resulted in a quick and disheartening elimination without a spot on the Spring Finals.

The rivalry between these two teams is massive. As most of you know, we’re talking about two of the biggest esports organizations in Europe. They have teams/rosters across numerous esports titles, with CS:GO and League of Legends being the most popular ones.

Back to G2 vs. Fnatic predictions, though – now that we’ve seen the teams’ head to head matches, map pools, results, and individual forms, let’s wrap everything up and call it a day!

G2 vs. Fnatic Betting Pick

Yep – I’m siding with Fnatic here! Why, though? After all – G2 is arguably the better team here. They have a better map pool, their roster should be better than that of Fnatic, and they’ve had more success in recent months… Heck, they’ve had much more success in recent months than the Swedish side.

Well, my G2 vs. Fnatic predictions went in Fnatic’s direction primarily because of that God-awful G2’s performance on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. On top of that, I reckon Brollan and the boys need a good event before going on a vacation this summer. Their online campaigns were all but solid, and I’m sure they’ll try extra hard to get their fans a result they’ve been craving for so long…

That about wraps our G2 vs. Fnatic predictions up! Thank you for sticking to the very end.

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Happy CS:GO betting!

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