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G2 vs. GODSENT predictions is what this piece is all about! The group A winners match that’s set to decide one of four CS_Summit 6 EU playoffs participants. Who will be one step closer to the throne – currently the best team in the world (according to HLTV.org’s world ranking), or a tough-to-beat EU side consisting of several CS veterans? Well, that’s something you should learn more about if you’re interested in CS:GO betting!

G2 vs. GODSENT Predictions

As always, we’ll divide our esports predictions into several sections. First, we’ll tackle the best betting platforms to use for betting on this match. Then, we’ll go through the most recent results of both teams, their top fraggers, and map pool stats that could come in handy before cementing our G2 vs. GODSENT predictions.

So, let’s jump straight in and check out the best websites for esports betting:

Where to Bet on G2 vs. GODSENT

Betting on CS:GO is present everywhere you look. Whether we’re talking about event broadcasts or gaming streams – we’re constantly bombarded with esports bookies’ ads. That’s just the way the industry works… But, what if I told you most of those bookies aren’t really that good? What if I told you there are esports betting sites that offer not just esports bets but bets on regular sports too. Betting platforms that allow you to combine esports and sports bets in massive accumulators?

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With all that out of our way, let’s concentrate on the actual G2 vs. GODSENT predictions! The best place to start are recent results, so let’s dive right in!

Recent Results

GODSENT is doing pretty good out there! Even though their overall results don’t have any noteworthy trophies, they’ve participated on a bunch of top-tier events and that ought to mean something. It ought to give their players much-needed experience that’ll allow them to keep developing and reach new heights this season. As for individual matches, one of GODSENT’s biggest wins this season was the win against Mousesports on Wednesday. In fact, Mousesports and North seem to be their favorite top-tier scalp teams, having beaten them both on several occasions.

I reckon G2 needs no special introduction here. Even though they had a catastrophic BLAST Premier Finals’ performance, they came back with a bang against Fnatic. RFRSH Entertainment’s event was just a minor setback for KennyS and the boys, which means GODSENT is up for quite the contest.

Let’s just name a few grandiose G2 campaigns in 2020 thus far – second-place finishes on DH Masters Spring, ESL One: Road to Rio, and IEM XIV. They seem to be doing great in group stage matches as well as the first few steps of the playoffs… but, as soon as they get in touching distance of trophies, the start to choke. Luckily, our G2 vs. GODSENT predictions are based on a group stage match, and we all know just how strong G2 is in the early stages.

As far as head to head matches go, G2 and GODSENT played together in the group stage of ESL One: Road to Rio. G2 asserted their dominance very early on and cruise to a resounding 2:0 win against STYKO and the boys. It wasn’t a pleasant sight to see, to say the least.

Individual Prowess

HuNter and nexa are the leading fraggers in this G2 roster. They Balkan boys took the French team to new heights, cementing their status as one of the best up-and-coming stars on the European scene.

Heck, I’ll say it – I think huNter is currently better than NiKo!

Overall, I believe he’s been a bigger part of G2’s success than NiKo was for Faze Clan. Need I remind you – Faze Clan was built around NiKo, popping major signings left and right, yet NiKo still failed to win a Major. HuNter, on the other hand, had an astonishing Major performance with a tier-B team that earned him a spot in G2. And where is he now – at the top of the world with G2, providing excellent performances match in and match out.

Alongside huNter, nexa, and KennyS had their moments too. They’ve been pretty good thus far in 2020, winning crucial rounds. KennyS, the legendary French AWPer has to be emphasized here. He seems to have received his long-lost form and is fragging like it’s 2014 all over again.

As for Godsent, their newest addition, Farlig, seems to be enjoying his first month at GODSENT. He’s brought forth much-needed kills, and is using his game sense to clutch crucial rounds and skew the odds in GODSENT’s way. Even when he doesn’t get the kill or impact a push, he affects the round by gathering important information or snatching eco kills to clinch advantage later on. He’s a well-rounded player, a great addition to the current GODSENT roster.

G2 vs. GODSENT Betting Pick
G2 TO WIN 2-0

Judging by recent results (individual matches and whole campaigns), it’s safe to say G2 is the stronger side. The same goes for individual performers and map pool. In fact, the latter perfectly depicts GODSENT’s chances against G2. The only map which GODSENT could theoretically defeat G2 on is Overpass, and we all know KennyS and the boys will ban it right away. Nuke is the next best thing for GODSENT, but I reckon in-form Balkan duo, nexa, and huNter, will be enough to take them down with 2:0 on the scoreboard.

Thank you for sticking till the very end of our G2 vs. GODSENT predictions. We hope your CS:GO betting slip yields profit today.

Stay safe!

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