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With just a few remaining matches, it’s fair to say ESL One: Road to Rio EU has reached its business end. There are only six teams left to fight for the medals, which means the stakes are immensely high. One of these six teams is Heretics, an unlikely top-six EU contestant that reached this stage by winning three group stage matches (yep, they qualified with a negative w/l ratio lol) and defeating North in what was one of the biggest EU playoffs surprises thus far. Today, in our G2 vs. Heretics predictions, we’ll try to assess their chances of defeating one of the biggest French CS:GO teams out there!

G2 vs. Heretics Betting Predictions

Coming into this match, G2 is the obvious favorite. Anything other than that, with the likes of KennyS, Nexa, and huNter, would be pretty absurd. However, they shouldn’t underestimate their opponents here. Heretics packs quite the punch in terms of experience and talent. KioShiMa and Lucky are still going strong, but Maka is the one delivering the main fragging potential with outright ridiculous numbers. Against North, the 22-year-old Frenchmen had 61 kills across two maps, and 1.63 HLTV score. If that’s not ridiculous, then I don’t know what is…

Unfortunately, a big part of Heretics’ surprising win against North comes down to the fact jumpy had to replace kjaerbye. I’m not trying to belittle Maka’s excellent gameplay, I’m just saying that he wouldn’t get the chance to snowball that much if kjaerbye was on the server.

As far as our G2 vs. Heretics predictions are concerned, there’s really no need to overcomplicate things. KennyS is in fine form, and the rest of his teammates are rock solid too. They shouldn’t have any absentees today, and despite the fact we’re looking at an online match here, G2 should cruise to victory. At -223, there’s really no need to complicate things in the betting department either. G2 are the heavy favorites here, and there’s no way Heretics mess up their plans… not even if we see another brilliant performance by Maka.

So yeah, for all you esports betting enthusiasts reading this, here’s the direction I’m going to go with for this one.

G2 to Win

What can I say – I just can’t see G2 losing against Heretics here. Yes, I know Heretics defeated Dignitas, ENCE, and Complexity, but in my books that’s just not enough to be a potent opponent against G2. True, one of the best French teams had its ups and downs on this event, but with KennyS showing off superb form in the last few matches, there’s little kioShiMa and the boys will be able to do today.

With all that in mind, I’d like to conclude our G2 vs. Heretics predictions!

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