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Group A was a pretty chaotic one. It was labeled as the group of death long before the event had started, and it definitely justified its name. As many of you already know, Mousesports was the team that got eliminated right off the bat, after tough losses against GODSENT and Fnatic. G2 esports, however, was an even bigger surprise. The first match went according to expectations, but they followed it up with two losses which eliminated them from the competition. Well, not exactly eliminated but relegated to the 9th place battle.

Movistar Riders, on the other hand, almost made it all the way. Overall, I’d like to argue Movistar Riders presented us with better performance than G2 Esports. That said, our G2 vs. Movistar predictions will have plenty of stuff to explain before we cement things in the conclusion.

G2 vs. Movistar Betting Predictions

G2 is coming into this match following two relatively surprising defeats. Movistar Riders, on the other hand, justified their placement and outclassed FATE in the group stage.

However, Movistar Riders is not exactly a top-tier team yet. They’re building something special, there’s no doubt about that… but they still have a long way to go if they are to reach the likes of G2 and the crew.

The Most Important Factor

In my books, the most important factor that I’m going to base these G2 vs. Movistar predictions on is the type of matchup we’re talking about here. If you haven’t figured it out by now, we’re looking at a 9th place battle here, a match that doesn’t really bear that much importance in the grand scheme of things. That’s not to say G2 won’t play at their best, but it could phase them slightly and allow one or two mistakes to creep up later today.

Individual Player Qualities

There’s no point going into too much details here. Everything is pretty much straightforward – G2 has by far the stronger roster here. The likes of nexa, huNter and KennyS are some of the greatest European talents out there; there’s really no need to compare them with tier-B Movistar players.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not bashing on the Spaniards here… But the fact of the matter is quite simple – G2 is the superior side when compared to Movistar. However, the same had been said about Fnatic’s roster and Movistar Still defeated them on ESL One: Road to Rio back in May.

With all that in mind, let’s see what sort of esports picks we can provide you with here:

G2 vs. Movistar Betting Pick

Betting on G2 at -667 just doesn’t make sense here. And it’s not just because of the odds either. Remember – G2 lost their last two matches, against GODSENT and Fnatic. Plus, Movistar Riders already played a match of similar caliber on ESL One: Road to Rio and won against Fnatic. They could repeat the same thing here, too. Heck, at +375, I reckon a small stake bet on Movistar Riders is more than worth it!

With those words, I’m afraid we’re all done with our G2 vs. Movistar predictions!

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