G2 vs. NaVi Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring EU Pick

G2 Vs Navi DreamHack EU

G2 vs. NaVi predictions are going to be a real pain in the… But, you know what – we’ve done pretty well so far on DreamHack Masters Spring, so we’re going to come into this one with a healthy dose of confidence. If you’re planning on placing CS:GO bets based on our betting predictions, be my guest. As long as we get our facts straight, we should be as good as gold… But don’t go around blaming me if we lose!

To minimize the chance of a losing wager, we’re going to take a deep look into the stats and facts regarding these teams.

This will help us better understand the complexity behind this upper bracket semifinals matchup. With top-tier teams like NaVi and G2, this one was always going to be a tricky contest, but I’m sure we got that special something!

G2 vs. NaVi Betting Predictions

Believe it or not, we’re looking at the world’s best CS:GO teams at the moment. Yep – NaVi and G2 are first and second teams, respectively. Don’t believe me? Well then, head on over to HLTV.org’s world ranking or simply check out this (slightly humorous) tweet by G2:

The person in charge of G2’s Twitter account was alluding to the recent IEM XIV World Championship Finals where NaVi stomped over them (3-0) in a Bo5 grand finale. Could we see another stomp here? Well, I wouldn’t be that surprised, honestly…

NaVi in Problems

That’s because Natus Vincere is still in pretty deep sh**… problems! Let’s call ‘em problems, shall we!?

Don’t get me wrong, S1mple and the company have five wins in the last eight matches, but that catastrophic ESL One Road to Rio performance still puts a shade on all that.

Plus, two out of those five wins happened during Gamers Without Borders charity showmatch, which wasn’t exactly a peak competitive environment.

S1mple is still playing well, but even he won’t be able to contain G2… especially if the likes of nexa and hunter get their game on right from the kickoff. Talking about individual performers, KennyS could very well be the man that makes the difference in this matchup. The French AWPing legend’s form will greatly influence our G2 vs. NaVi predictions, that’s for sure!

Map Pool Info

Let’s go back to that IEM Katowice WC grand finals when NaVi defeated G2 with 3-0 on the scoreboard. How di that happen? Yes, NaVi was always going to win Dust 2, but Mirage and Nuke should’ve gone in favor of G2.

Well, I got two words for you – Boombl4 and S1mple.

Technically, that’s three words, but I’m sure you catch my drift.

Boombl4 and S1mple went crazy in that match, scoring 124 combined kills and finishing off with 1.68 and 1.52 HLTV rating, respectively. Plus, kennyS was absolutely invincible that match. The CIS side countered him effectively… but I doubt they’ll be able to do it again. No-one counters KennyS twice without getting a proper response – remember that!

G2 vs. NaVi Predictions
G2 to win!

Yep – I’m siding with the Frenchmen for this one. Why? Well, a crucial factor that skewered G2 vs. NaVi predictions in G2’s favor was the map pool. Last time out, during that dreaded IEM WC finals in Katowice, G2 didn’t play up to their potential on their map picks. That combined with KennyS being completely blocked off and shooting blanks the whole match helped NaVi get the main prize.

Looking back at NaVI’s ESL One: RTR CIS performance, G2 must’ve had a ton of “how to play against NaVi” video sessions, which ought to help them deploy more effective tactics this time around. Even though Navi’s recent results look solid, G2 will be a proper test… one I doubt they’ll pass!

Well, I believe we already said everything that had to be said about G2 vs. NaVi predictions. Once again, this is going to be a tightly contested encounter so make sure you tune in to the action tomorrow. This match will be available via DreamHack’s official Twitch channel, so don’t be a stranger!

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