G2 vs. NaVi Betting Predictions – BLAST Premier Global Final Analysis

G2 Vs Navi Blast Premier Final

We’re almost halfway through the first notable CSGO event in 2021 – the BLAST Premier Global Final. For those of you not in the know, this event serves as the wrap-up of the competitive BLAST Premier 2020 season. It’s also the event that’s set to kickstart the competitive 2021, which is why it needs all the attention it can get.

G2 and Natus Vincere, alongside Astralis, were labeled as the three main favorites. All title discussions included these three, with the Great Danes proudly taking the flattering title of the heavy favorites. But, just two rounds in and we’re about to lose one of them.

In this G2 vs. NaVi picks piece, we plan on figuring out which of the three big guns is going to remain in the tournament following tomorrow’s lower bracket matches! Of course, betting on CSGO can’t go without any drama, and this match is packed with it!

G2 vs. NaVi Predictions

Can NiKo help G2 rise to the occasion and eliminate NaVi… or will S1mple take the matter into his own hands and have another BLAST of a performance? Two of the teams’ biggest stars will want to impress and keep their team in the competition for at least another day.

G2 vs. NaVi ought to be a sensational match in more ways than one.

For starters, the level of individual brilliance on both ends is through the roof. The same can be said about teams’ work ethics too; they wouldn’t be at the top of the CSGO food chain if they didn’t have all these virtues. But, one of them will get eliminated tomorrow, and the job of our G2 vs. NaVi picks is to find out who!


If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re talking about two top-tier teams here… teams that came into this event with sky-high expectations. Everyone expected them to reach far into the playoffs, though it’s clear one of them will see the exit door tomorrow.


Form-wise, both NaVi and G2 had solid 2020 campaigns. There is one thing, though – while they were both consistently solid, they failed to clutch crucial matches and win titles.

NaVi’s consistency is worth emphasizing, they finished below the fourth spot on only two occasions last year!

As for this event, NaVi took everyone by surprise in the opening round against Liquid. Despite another top-notch performance by S1mple, NaVi lost 2:0 on Inferno and Nuke, catapulting Team Liquid further into the upper bracket.

G2 took down FURIA in what was definitely the best match of the event thus far. NiKo’s been pretty stellar, but it wasn’t enough to push G2 onward against Astralis. The Balkan trio stood their ground against the Great Danes, but lost 16-14 on Inferno as the decider map.

Map Pool Stats

Map pool stats portray the expected – a pretty close contest with both teams having two maps they should be able to win without too much hassle. For G2, those maps are Dust 2 and Mirage. They have excellent win rates on them whereas NaVi have been nothing but struggling over the past few months.

But, the CIS champions are superior on Train and Overpass.

The latter is G2’s permaban so it doesn’t count… but, Inferno could be an ace up NaVi’s sleeve too. Either way, this is going to be a tough contest to call and is likely to go into the third map! That said, if you don’t like our final G2 vs. NaVi picks, you can always opt for something like total maps over 2.5. The odds should be solid too!

Roster Strength and Readiness

Believe it or not, there’s no clear winner in this department. NaVi is typically the team that wins all roster duels just because they have S1mple onboard… but this time around it’s a pretty level playing field. There’s not just NiKo on the other end but the likes of nexa, huNter, and KennyS too. S1mple is not alone either, electronic and Perfecto have been on point.

Long story short:
Our G2 vs. NaVi predictions can’t get a clear-cut answer from this section.

But, I still reckon we have enough data to make the final decision:

G2 vs. NaVi Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

Yessir, I’m going with G2 here! How come? Well, as you could’ve seen from our G2 vs. NaVi predictions thus far, this match couldn’t be any tighter… but NiKo and the boys have that extra bit of flair to their game that should see them progress further in the lower bracket.

Remember, there’s everything to play for here for both sides – the losing side is out of the event and neither G2 nor NaVi want a way out so fast. Alongside Astralis, they are the biggest favorites to win the event and it’s a shame we have to say our goodbyes to one of them so early on in the event.

But, that’s life for you right there! When all is added, divided, and multiplied, NiKo and the boys seem to be a more complete team. S1mple has had a fantastic set of displays thus far, but he won’t be able to deal with the Balkan boys all on his own. I mean, he has the potential, that’s for sure… but I doubt he’s going to fulfill it.

That said, I believe we’re all done with our G2 vs. NaVi picks here. It’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping we’ve nailed down the most anticipated match thus far on BLAST Premier Global Final.

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