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The opening round of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown is all wrapped up! We’ve had several notable surprises, one of which we’ll be taking a closer look at in our G2 vs. OG predictions. Yessir, I’m referring to OG’s triumphant victory over Astralis. G2 did well too, though their overall presentation could’ve been a bit better.

Remember, BLAST Premier Spring Showdown takes no prisoners! It offers no second chances; one loss and you’re out. The winner of G2 vs. OG ventures into the final stage to fight for their spot on BLAST Premier Spring Finals. It’s a massive event with just two spots up for grabs – motivation won’t be lacking here, that you can bet on!

G2 vs. OG Predictions

Talking about betting, BLAST Premier Spring Showdown bets are all over the place! All major bookies are totally covering this event. These types of high-stake single-elimination bo3s are always in massive demand, so bookies going out of their way isn’t a surprising thing to see.

What about head-to-head contests with G2 and OG as the main culprits? Is there any info that can help wrap our heads around G2 vs. OG picks?

Well, the last time they played was in late October on DH Open Fall. OG won the match 2:0 with wins on Nuke and Mirage. Nuke went to the thirtieth round but G2 were unable to close it out. Prior to that, they played on ESL Pro League S12 EU. G2 was the winner this time around, following a high-intensity three-map thriller. Could we see another one here?

But, enough with the chit-chat! We have a long way ahead of us! Our G2 vs. OG predictions won’t cement themselves, which is why we’re jumping straight to work!

Recent Results

Both G2 and OG won their opening-round matches here. OG, though, left a much better overall impression. Not only did they win against Astralis, but they were just as dominant against them as G2 was against lowly Endpoint. It’s just something to think about going forward.

If we take a step back, we’ll notice OG have been nothing but absolute dirt so far this year. The win against Astralis is one of just ten wins this year… and mind you, OG have played twenty-two matches so far. However, much of the same goes for G2 as well! Ten defeats in eighteen matches this year. Both teams have been struggling, it takes no genius to realize that. No matter who wins, I’m certain they’ll be labeled as the grand finals’ underdogs.

Banning Phase Superiority

Let’s put it this way – OG’s permaban will hurt G2 more than vice versa! G2 have been playing well on Vertigo, taking four maps in their last eight outings. Inferno is still their strongest maps and they should have no problem taking it… assuming OG start off with Vertigo ban.

But, we can’t forget about that marvelous Inferno gameplay OG deployed against Astralis.

Though, I don’t think they’d want to test G2 on it. That said, I reckon OG will opt for either Train or Nuke. Dust 2 could be an interesting choice too, seeing as the stats are basically on level terms. Valde and the boys will have a tough work on their map pick, but if they venture into the decider, it will be anyone’s game!

Roster Quality

Valde continues to show off his brilliance. The Danish maestro keeps on delivering one excellent performance after another. He’s developing into a great all-arounder; once he gets rolling, everything is possible for OG!

But, it’s safe to say G2 has a few players of that caliber as well! NiKo, nexa, and huNter, just to name a few. KennyS is no longer in the starting roster, but that didn’t stop G2 from wrecking Endpoint in the opening round. These boys need a good result and now that they’ve tasted blood, they might just make a run for it!

The Bet
Total Maps Over 2.5

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

This is going to be a tight one, that’s for sure! Both teams possess excellent rosters, their map pools are nicely poised, and their form is pretty similar too. All in all, it’s going to be a thrilling contest that’s bound to go the extra length! The third map, whatever it ends up being, ought to decide this one… and at +104, it’s actually great value!

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