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G2 Vs Virtus Pro ESL Pro League S14

What was supposed to be the deciding match is actually a mere formality. Both Virtus.pro and G2 have been eliminated, having lost to Complexity and ForZe in the last round. But, they still have a formality to complete – the final round in which neither team has anything to play for.

Could G2 really finish this tournament without a single win? They’re currently zero from four, but Virtus.pro could be the final nail in their coffin. Everything is possible ahead of this one, so let’s kick things off and see what this formality of a match has in store for us!

G2 vs. Virtus.pro Predictions

G2 and Virtus.pro played on May 1st during DreamHack Masters Spring. G2 took the win with 2:0 on the scoreboard, not surprising considering VP’s poor form a the time.

Granted, their form hasn’t really improved since that clash.

The CIS side did have a great start to the year, but everything started going downhill from February onward.

G2 Betting Preview

The meme above tells you everything you need to know, really! G2 could go down without a single shot fired, really! Even though I said there’s absolutely nothing to play for here, that’s not entirely true. You see, teams get $5,000 for each group stage win.

It’s not much, but it’s enough to make these players budge tomorrow.
  • But, what happened to G2?
  • How did they go from being the most consistent team in Europe to a choke-prone outsider in the group they were heavily labeled as the favorites in?
  • Well, perhaps the summer break took a toll on the players?
  • Perhaps that opening loss against Sinners traumatized them?

I mean, they weren’t awful, two matches could’ve easily gone in their favor. It’s just that they kept failing to clinch crucial rounds and close maps out. They’ll have to work on that ahead of the PGL Major, that’s for sure!

Virtus.pro Betting Preview

Finally, Virtus.pro! Even though Virtus.pro defeated Sinners in the third round, they fell short against Complexity today. If VP had defeated Complexity, G2’s win over ForZe would mean they’re still in the mix. But, it is what it is… I guess!

Please Note:
Jame and YEKINDAR won’t back down without a fight, that’s for sure. But, the same can’t be said about their teammates. Not saying they’ll play bad deliberately, all I’m saying is that things will have to change if Virtus.pro are to retrieve their long-lost form. Jame and YEKINDAR are doing all they can, just like NiKo and huNter in G2. But, they can’t win matches on their own!

Since there’s noting to play for her (except $5,000 for every group stage win), there’s really no point in trying to separate these two any further. Let’s jump to the conclusion and wrap this formal puppy up!

Wrapping Things Up

Let’s wrap up this formality of a match. Unsurprisingly, here’s what I’m going with here:

G2 vs. Virtus.pro Betting Predictions:
Virtus.pro to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here

There’s nothing separating these two. I mean, it was always going to be like that in this type of a match with nothing to play for. In terms of the odds, G2 are the slightest of favorites, though it doesn’t mean anything.

Of course:
I don’t recommend going into this one with anything but the lowest possible stake. It’s just too risky; we can’t know what sort of a setup these two will bring forth tomorrow. For the thousandth time – this match is a mere formality – if that worries you, skip it.

If you’re inclined to test your luck, you might as well side with the meme way. Virtus.pro to win and G2 to finish the event without a single win in five matches. AT –109, low stake meme bet is what I’m going with for this one! Thank you all for reading our G2 vs. Virtus.pro predictions!


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