Gambit vs. NaVi Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Match Analysis

Gambit Vs Navi DreamHack Masters Spring

Unfortunately, we failed to predict NaVi’s semifinal upset over Heroic. The Danish side seemed confident to clinch the grand finals… perhaps a bit too confident in the end. But, there’s no reason to dwell on that any longer. The grand finals are almost up and it’s our duty to bring forth detailed Gambit vs. NaVi predictions.

Not a lot of matches can go head-to-head with DreamHack Masters Spring grand finals! The winner takes $100,000, the loser takes $42,000; they also get 1000 and 750 ESL Pro Tour points, respectively. But, a lot of the charm has to do with the sheer importance of the DreamHack Masters series. It’s one of the oldest series in competitive CSGO; one of the most lucrative ones too!

Which way is this bo5 contest going to go?

Both teams are on level terms, we didn’t have a lower bracket runner here. Both teams are confident they’re going to win; both sets of players are in excellent form and are ready to snap any moment now! It’s going to be tricky, that’s for sure.

Please Note:
As for our Gambit vs. Navi betting predictions, we won’t be rushing anything! Grand finals are exciting and all, but they’re also some of the most unpredictable contests you can bet on. Experienced CSGO betting enthusiasts would tell you stories of nerve-racking upsets, especially on online events such as this one. That said, we won’t rush to any conclusions here!

Gambit vs. NaVi Predictions

Let’s talk about the group stage encounter between these two! Gambit and Natus Vincere squared off in Group A finals last weekend.

  • S1mple had a blast on Dust 2 as NaVi took the lead.
  • Gambit showed no mercy on Overpass with Ax1Le showing impressive pallet fragging excellence.

The decider map, Mirage, could’ve gone either way. 16:13 was the end result, with sh1ro stepping up for the occasion with 34 kills and 1.84 HLTV rating.

For Contrast:
S1mple was on the losing end with 27k and 1.38 rating.

There’s nothing else to be said about the matchup… Gambit had superior clutch potential in the deciding map; NaVi had their chances but failed to close out crucial rounds. It’s as simple as that!

How much of an effect is this match going to have on the grand finals?

Well, given how tight it was, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the same ban/pick game. But, I expect Gambit to be on the back foot since they must be aware of the fact luck was on their side in the group stage. Not trying to take the win away from them, they had a near-perfect display, but luck did play a part in the decider map.

Most Recent Results

As for recent results, NaVi can’t really be proud of their track record. While they did kick 2021 off the right way, they didn’t play well on IEM XV World Championship and ESL Pro League S13. In fact, Gambit was the team that eliminated them from the IEM XV spectacle.

Please Note:
Gambit are currently ranked as the best team in the world. This is their third consecutive grand finals on premier events, having won IEM XV World Championship and having lost to Heroic on ESL Pro League.

Ax1Le and sh1ro are the biggest rising stars right now; if the grand finals’ pressure doesn’t get to them, they’re going to a real menace for Natus VIncere.

Map Pool Stats

I expect the same exact starting pick/ban order! NaVi will eliminate Vertigo, Gambit will eliminate Nuke. S1mple and the boys will, once again, opt for Dust 2; Gambit will snatch Overpass. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if NaVi bans Mirage next. Playing on Inferno or Train could be more plausible for NaVi’s aspirations.

But, then again, NaVi stood their ground on Mirage last time out.

The map ended 16:13 in favor of Gambit. A matter of nuances, if you will… Could they do better on Inferno or Train? Well, their stats aren’t superb, but they aren’t half bad either. They eliminated Heroic on Inferno, so there’s something to think about coming into this contest!

Individual Aspects

Who am I going with here? S1mple on one end, sh1ro and Ax1Le on the other…. Decisions, decisions, decisions. On a normal day, I’d go with S1mple. But, seeing how he was blocked off in the last h2h contest, I’m going to side with sh1ro and Ax1Le. But, if Gambit is to snatch the grand prize, both of them will have to deliver their A-game. One just won’t be enough – s1mple will make sure of that!

Please Note:
Even though I’ve just sided with Gambit’s leading duo here, my money will be on NaVi to win this one! Gambit are in fine form, they’re fuming with confidence… but it’s NaVi we’re talking about here!

They have S1mple, they’re finally picking up wins in key matches, they’ve just dealt with Heroic who also belong among the hottest teams right now. Things are looking good for NaVI; I reckon they are on the right track to win the $100K grand prize!

Gambit vs. NaVi Betting Predictions
NaVi to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

We’re all done for DreamHack Masters Spring 2021, boys and girls! Join us later this week, though, since we’ll be going through the first EU RMR of 2021.

As always, thanks for reading the whole piece!

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