Gambit vs. NiP Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

Gambit Vs NIP ESL Pro League S13

Just three matches separate us from the end of ESL Pro League Season 13! Two semifinals best of three’s, and one grand finale scheduled for a menacing best of five series! Gambit vs. NiP is the first of the two semifinals. The match starts tomorrow at 3.30 pm CEST and ought to deliver across all departments.

Top-tier individuals, remarkable teamwork, the clutch potential on both ends – this match has all the makings of a cracker… plus, if we can nail down our Gambit vs. NiP predictions, we’ll be in for a grand finals’ treat!

Gambit vs. NiP Predictions

Yessir, we’re looking at the two youngest rosters at the event!

Gambit going up against NIP…

Who would’ve thought this is the first semifinal; who would’ve guessed NiP would end up beating in-form Complexity, eh?

But, with just four teams left in the competition, there are no more easy teams. Every experienced esports betting enthusiast will tell you the exact same thing!


NiP is on the thirteenth spot of HLTV world rankings, not too shabby considering everything they’ve done in the past few months. But, they’re the weaker team here, both individually and collectively. Heck, their map pol could be slightly inferior as well. We’ll take a closer look at the stats right down below!

Gambit are currently ranked as the third-best team in the world.

They are behind NaVi and Astralis; but above and Liquid. So yeah, it’s safe to say they’re in excellent form. So far on this event, Gambit have six wins and not a single loss! And, mind you, those six wins included triumphs against the likes of FURIA, NaVi, and Astralis… Yep, Sh1ro, Ax1le and the boys are ON FIRE!

Map Pool Stats

Believe it or not, this is the first h2h contest between these two. Yessir, our Gambit vs. NiP predictions are a first!

Statistically, though, we have to point out Gambit’s superiority! It’s not a landslide, but it’s still there. Maps such as Vertigo, Train and Mirage are all above 80%! Overpass is at 67%, Dust at 55%, and Nuke is their permaban. As for NiP, they’re finally making things work on Dust 2 and Train. Nuke seems to be a solid option too, though that ought to be banned right away.

Overall, the map pool statistics go in favor of the CIS side, though it’s nothing that would sway our Gambit vs. Nip predictions one way or another.

Individual Aspects

I have to side with Gambit here, though I am very fond of NiP’s roster. The way sh1ro and ax1le have been playing is just absurd! They’re complementing each other perfectly; they’re always there to fix each other’s mistakes… plus they look damn good doing so! They’ve developed into one of the best duos out there, sometimes accompanied by Hobbit who’s known for having a few brilliant outings every now and then.

On the other end of the server, the likes of nawwk, REZ and hampus are in fine form.

However, I’d say NiP’s youngster, ztr, will be the reason behind elimination tomorrow.

I’m not necessarily saying ztr is a bad player; but putting a teenager like him into the fire pit was a bad idea.

I mean sure, they’ve reached further than they’d hoped for and ztr has been a part of the roster… but his stats are just too bad for a team of NiP’s caliber and could seriously affect his confidence later on. He’s just 17, let him play for Young Ninjas and hope he continues to develop into a future star!

I’ve gone a bit off-topic here. I apologize. Anyways, this is what I’m going with here:

Gambit vs. NiP Betting Predictions
Gambit to win 2:0

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

It’s Gambit all the way here! Just look at what they’ve done to our Danish fellas… Just look at what they’ve done to their group stage opponents. These lads aren’t taking any prisoners and they’re making sure their presence is known right from the very first round.

Of course:
At -334 the conventional match-winner isn’t enough here. Instead, a correct score 2:0 wager seems much better! It’s still not positive odds, but hey, it’s better than -334 at least!

I know, I know, Gambit’s map pool isn’t that superior in comparison to NiP’s. But, they’re coming into this match following a massive win, and that’s an advantage they’re only going to keep building on.

That’s all for today folks! Don’t forget to chime in to the action tomorrow!

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