Gambit vs. Betting Predictions | 2021 IEM XV Katowice Play-In Match Analysis

Gambit Vs Virtus Pro Katowice swept Team Liquid aside; Gambit did the same thing to Team Spirit – now they’re set to play against each other in the grand finals. A proper CIS grand finals worth of the IEM XV Katowice spectacle. Needless to say, both teams came into the finals packing quite a bit of upsets in their purse.

However, we have to note that Gambit were a much bigger surprise here.

We all knew is going to have another awesome campaign, given their recent successes… but who could’ve guessed such a strong display by Gambit. Yessir, our Gambit vs. predictions will have to go through a ton of stuff to get viable picks. Let’s hope we succeed!

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Gambit vs. Predictions

This is it, this is the grand finale we’ve all secretly wanted to see. A real CIS encounter that’s bound to give us a bo5 action we’ll remember for years to come! In all honesty, I expect a hard-fought contest. I really wouldn’t be surprised if it goes all the way to the final map, though I can’t tell you if that’s going to be in our final Gambit vs. picks since we haven’t even looked at the stats yet.

Let’s start working on that, shall we!?


Gambit Esports’ November was off the charts. They had five successful campaigns, snatching more than $100,000 in prize money in just a month. True, two of those five campaigns were qualifiers, but still – wins are wins!

More recently, they’ve won Vulkan Fight Series in January, reached semifinals of DH Open January, and placed second on Snow Sweet Snow #1. The latter two eliminations came from the same team -FPX. I guess dastan must’ve watched those matches a couple of times already… have been nothing but spectacular! Their track record exceeds that of Gambit esports, snatching roughly $650,000 in prize money in just December and January. CS_Summit 7, DreamHack Open December, and of course, Flashpoint Season 2 – that’s all VP baby!

Truth be told, though, Gambit seems to be the only team that’s able to consistently win against YEKINDAR and the boys. Since the Latvian prodigy’s arrival, they’ve won two and lost four against sh1ro and the Gambit (and Gambit Y.) boys. Is that enough to swerve our Gambit vs. predictions in their way?

Map Pool Stats should be superior on Dust 2 and Inferno, that I am certain of! YEKINDAR And the boys are just sick on those two maps. As for Gambit, they’ve shown us time and time again that they are not to be taken for granted on a wide variety of maps. Whether we’re talking about Mirage, Train, Overpass or Vertigo. Their win rate (over the last three months or so) is over 80% on all three of those maps – will have quite a fight on their hands!

Please Note:
Looking at the map pool stats as a whole, even though Gambit has a statistical advantage, we have to point out that the quality of teams they’ve played against is slightly lower than that of We have to take that into account because map pool stats are always of crucial importance for our Gambit vs. picks.

That said, despite statistical advantage being on Gambit’s side, I’d say the map pool depth is anyone’s guess here. I guess the outcome of this matchup will be decided on individual prowess…

Individual Aspects

… and that’s where shines the most. Even though head-to-head encounters go in favor of Gambit, I am certain this in-form VP team will push the momentum in their favor. Both teams are in great form, but I’d say YEKINDAR is a level above everything Gambit has to offer at the moment. Sure, sh1ro’s clutch potential is real, we’ve seen it time and time again, but he’s unstoppable… and I for one thing YEKINDAR will be the man that’ll put an end to his killing spree.

Gambit vs. Betting Predictions to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

I don’t want to mess things up here so I’m going with a straightforward match-winner. Even though Gambit is definitely the biggest surprise of the two,’s key players are in just too good of a form for us to bet against them. YEKINDAR and Jame are taking no prisoners; they’ve excelled not only against Astralis and Liquid, but throughout the event, and there’s no way they fail to show up in the grand finals.

If you’re looking for some extra oomph here, to win 3:2 at +400 seems about alright! Looking a the map pool stats, there’s plenty of value in this one… though I’m too big of a coward to have it as the primary Gambit vs. predictions here.

That’s it as far as this event is concerned. Hope you guys enjoy the break – we’ll be back next week with the all-new season of ESL Pro League.

Donnie out!

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