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It’s time, ladies and gentlemen – time for another set of esports betting picks for everyone interested in placing CS:GO bets this week. As the title implies, the focal point of this piece is Gen.G vs. Cloud9 betting predictions, so let’s waste no more time and head straight to CS:GO betting action!

Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Predictions

We won’t go into too much depth here as there’s not a lot of time left before the match kicks off. So, let’s get down and dirty, focusing on the key aspects of this matchup!

Recent Results

Gen.G’s recent results leave much to be desired. What was labeled as one of the hottest teams in North America a month or so ago has now fallen back to their old form which, quite frankly, looking outright terrible. They have just one win in the last five matches, coupled with a draw against MIBR and losses (all 2:0) against FURIA, EG, and Team Liquid.

As far as Cloud9’s performances go, they did well to reach the main CS_Summit 6 event by beating Yeah and Whalers, but their overall form before that is nothing to write home about. They lost to Liquid, MIBR; EG, Triumph, and 100T in the last month or so. They did have several solid wins (against MIBR and 100T), but they haven’t looked like the good old C9 on the server.

Individual Prowess

I’d like to argue Gen.G has superior names in their starting roster. The likes of automatic, koosta, and BnTeT all belong to the top of the NA food chain. However, the all-new Cloud9 roster is not to be taken for granted either. With in-form Floppy and oSee, this C9 roster can take on anyone anytime!

Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Betting Pick

Previous head to head encounters doesn’t really speak a lot. They paint a chaotic picture, making it even more difficult to properly make our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions. For starters, going total maps over/under is basically like flipping a coin here. As mentioned earlier, these two teams played four head to head matches thus far; two of them finished 2:0, while the other two finished 2:1. So yeah, we can basically scratch total maps bets.

Results-wise, Cloud9 is arguably the superior side with three wins in four matches. The only time Gen.G defeated Cloud9 was on ESL One: Road to Rio where they climbed to the top of the NA CS:GO scene.

So, in order to wrap our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions up, let’s summarize why exactly I’m going with Cloud9 here? After all – they’re not in the best of forms, their players haven’t been that good and they’re not the heavy favorites coming into this match.

Well, I have several reasons. First, while it is true that Cloud9 is not exactly in excellent form, floppy and oSee have been pretty consistent over the last month or so. In fact, they’re the two stand out C9 players, ones that will have to work extra hard for their team to push through today. It won’t be a straightforward task, that’s for sure – but I’m confident in their ability to overcome out-of-form Gen.G.

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