Gen.G vs. Triumph Betting Predictions | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Picks

Gen.G vs. Triumph Betting Predictions | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Picks

Our first-round pick for Gen.G vs. 100 Thieves was a massive success. We nailed down a nice single, but that’s nothing compared to the winning streak I have planned out for ESL One: Road to Rio! This time around, we’ll be analyzing a second-round matchup between Gen.G and Triumph. Yep, it’s Gen.G again, going up against a team that shocked Cloud9 with a thrilling decider map victory yesterday. That said, let’s cut straight to the chase and showcase the Gen.G vs. Triumph betting predictions!

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Gen.G vs. Triumph Betting Predictions

Let’s take this opportunity to talk about Triumph since I reckon a lot of you have no idea who they are. That’s nothing surprising considering the fact they’ve been stuck in the lower tiers of competitive CS:GO in NA since their inception last year. Since September 2019, Triumph signed two different rosters and made more than a few roster alterations. Right now, they are featuring Spongey and Grim from The Quest, coupled with three new players who joined earlier this year (and earlier this month).

Experience-wise, these boys are way below the likes of automatic and daps. They still have a long way to go to reach the status of the aforementioned NA legends. However, they are developing into a potent squad that could start making waves in the NA region any day now. Who knows, perhaps ESL One: Road to RIO NA is the best opportunity they are going to get to show the world what they’re made of.

Recent Performances

Now that you know a bit about Triumph, let’s turn our attention back to Gen.G vs. Triumph predictions! When it comes to recent performances, Gen.G’s somewhat surprising win against 100 Thieves tops the charts. However, coming into that match, Gen.G’s form was all but brilliant. Their Flashpoint performance was rather underwhelming, which is probably why people though the Aussies could take them on with ease.

On the other end of this matchup, Triumph wasn’t overly impressive either. Wins against New England Whalers and ETHEREAL weren’t enough to diminish losses in key matches against Bad News Bears and Swole Patrol. Overtimes were the deciding factors on both occasions. Luck might finally be in their favor, having defeated Cloud9 in what was a thrilling contest that ended on the thirtieth round of the decider map.

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes to roster quality, there’s no point denying Gen.G’s superiority. However, the same thing was emphasized before Triumph vs. Cloud9 match, and we all know how that ended. Yes, Triumph might not have spectacular individual performers, but they’re capable of playing off each other and have excellent communication to make up for the lack of mechanical presence. That could be the crucial factor in this match, and is something I’ll definitely keep in mind for my Gen.G vs. Triumph betting predictions.

Talking about individual performers, Grim has to be pointed out as by far the best player on the current Triumph roster. However, even if he shows off another astonishing display, I doubt it will be enough against this Gen.G roster that’s fuming with confidence.

Koosta is playing his best CS:GO out there, and others aren’t too far behind either. There is, however, a small problem. You see, both teams have narrow map pools and they’re not overlapping. In other words, the ban phase will be of crucial importance here. Each team will have a certain pick, meaning we ought to see this one resolve on the decider map.

Gen.G vs. Triumph Betting Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5


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