Gen.G vs. 100T Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

GenG Vs 100T ESL Pro League S12

We’re not backing down anytime soon, boys! Our ESL Pro League Season 12 betting campaign is among the most successful ones in 2020! We’re constantly in the green, we’re constantly winning wagers. I’m not trying to jinx it here, but fingers crossed our Gen.G vs. 100T picks continue on the same path!

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If they do, we’ll be all set for the playoffs that start next week! It’s going to be awesome, guys! Both European and North American ESL Pro League S12 iterations are packing all the top-tier sides and there’s no way we don’t get our fair share of action.

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Gen.G vs. 100T Picks

Let’s start off by stating the obvious – both Gen.G and 100 Thieves need to win this match in order to stay in the playoff’s equation. At the moment, they’re both sitting just above the last spot with one win in three matches.

Gen.G had defeated Triumph before losing to Chaos, and EG. The worst thing for Gen.G is the fact they’re going up against FURIA next, and Team Liquid afterward. They’re expecting Cloud9 in the final round, which could be the deciding contest, assuming Gen.G don’t lose all three matches leading up to that one.

Even though both teams are coming into this contest with equally bad scores (1W/2L), 100 Thieves is in a much better position. Even if they lose this match (and our Gen.G vs. 100T picks will get to the bottom of that), their next opponents aren’t that difficult. The Aussies have already played against EG and Team Liquid (hence the two losses). They still have Triumph, FURIA, and Cloud9. Even if they lose to FURIA, they still have two more shots at success, three if we count this match.


When it comes to the form, both teams are looking abysmal. Gen.G has one win in six contests whereas 100T has just four in fifteen. To their defense, both have played against the top-tier teams in the region, the likes of Liquid, EG, FURIA, etc. That might be a small positive in what’s otherwise an awful record, on both ends.

As far as our Gen.G vs.100T picks are concerned, there’s really no clear winner in this department. Both teams have been terrible. I guess the best thing about this matchup is that one of these two will end up with a win tomorrow.

Map Pool Depth

The map pool depth is favoring neither team! 100T is the favorite coming into this one, but that’s just because daps’ decision to stop down from the starting roster left a massive dent in Gen.G’s morale. In terms of the actual map pool, Gen.G’s strength lies in Nuke and Mirage, whereas 100 Thieves players’ will hope for Dust 2 and vertigo.

GenG Vs 100T Map Pool

The stats don’t give a clear winner – come to think of it, they’re point towards the good old over/under betting option. Heck, perhaps that’s what our Gen.G vs. 100T picks will end up being.

Here’s a closer look (courtesy of HLTV), so you know what I’m referring to here:

Individual Qualities

Which of these two is superior in terms of individual player qualities? Well, since we can’t really count daps anymore, I reckon 100 Thieves are the winners here. Jks and jkaem should be the deciding men here… Unfortunately, at -200, I reckon we’re better off searching for specials that yield better value.

However, let’s not forget about Autimatic’s form.

Heck, the 24-year-old CSGO legend is one of the main reasons why I believe Gen.G is more dangerous than most people think. In fact, he’s the reason I believe Gen.G will take at least one map away from the Aussies! Sure, daps shook them, no point denying that… but I doubt it’s something that can phase an experienced player like Autimaticm especially when he’s in good form.

Gen.G vs. 100T Betting Picks
Total Maps Over 2.5!

For some reason, most CSGO betting websites believe this one will finish without going to the deciding map. I for one disagree! Gen.G will opt for either Mirage or Nuke, both maps they’ve been pretty comfortable on. That leaves Aussies with Dust 2 and Vertigo. The banning phase will tell us a great deal about this matchup, that’s for sure. But, no matter how it pans out, I’m confident we’ll see it go the extra length!

Sure, you might say it won’t because daps stepped down from the starting lineup just three days ago. And while that is true, since Gen.G couldn’t find a replacement, he agreed to play with them against EG, and is likely to finish this event.

His decision has undoubtedly shaken up the team morale, and that’s ought to stop them from reaching the playoffs… but it shouldn’t hinder their ability to take at least one map off 100T.

Fingers crossed, fellas!

Donnie out…

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