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Gen G Vs Cloud 9 ESL

The North American ESL Pro League group stage is still as messed up as they come! With just one more round of matches to go, only two teams are out of the equation – Cloud9 and Triumph. FURIA is already in the upper bracket, while EG and Team Liquid will go head to head for the second upper bracket ticket. The loser will have to suffice with the third-place while Gen.G, 100T, and Chaos all contest for the fourth.

Our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions are here to dissect that particular match, but let’s take a closer look at the rest of the week 4 matches.

As mentioned, EG and Liquid are fighting for the second upper bracket slot. Gen.G is going up against Cloud9 for a surprising top-four finish… but, they need Chaos to lose against FURIA and 100T to lose against Triumph. I can see the first one happening, but it’s highly unlikely that the Aussies will endanger their playoffs spot against Triumph.

That said, Gen.G has everything to play for here… and that’s something that’ll have a major impact on our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions! But first, let’s take a step back and do a quick 101!

Why Should I Bet on ESL Pro League S12?

For starters, you’re looking at the biggest CSGO event at the moment! The twelfth season, in all of its glory, brings forth five regional events, and all the best teams in the world. It’s not exactly a Major, but it’s definitely as good as it comes these days. If you’re looking to bet on a LAN event, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for IEM Global Challenge that’s scheduled for December.

ESL Pro League S12 is also the event most major bookies are heavily involved in. There was a massive variety of long terms before the start, but now that the event is underway, special bets are ruling the show. If you’re looking for more than mere match-winners, then ESL Pro League S12 betting should be right up your alley!

Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Predictions

Gen.G vs. Cloud9 might not be as important as EG vs. Team Liquid, but it still has its charm. For instance, many are wondering how this (old) C9 roster is going to perform. It must be a real issue, morale-wise, for everyone involved.

On the other hand, many are just interested to see how the group stage unfolds and which teams will go through. Even though everything is in the hands of 100 Thieves, Gen.G will fancy their chances and hope for good news on the other server.

There’s a lot more stuff we need to go through before giving our final Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions! Let’s start off with form and build our way forward.


Not sure which team to side with here since they’ve both been nothing but horrible lately. Both are one in five, both sets of players aren’t in good form. Heck, even their head to head encounters are close – three-two in favor of Cloud9.

However, there’s something else of great value for our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions!

As mentioned in the intro, Cloud9 players are already out of the picture. They have nothing to fight for here, whereas Gen.G still has a shot at qualifying for the playoffs. It’s a long shot, given that 100T aren’t likely to lose against Triumph, but it’s a shot nonetheless!

That said, even though both teams are in terrible form, Gen.G has something to play for tomorrow, and that’s what makes them the favorites in my books!

Map Pool Depth

These two are pretty close as far as map pool depth goes. Mirage and Overpass are permabans, which leaves Cloud9 with Dust 2, and Train. Gen.G should be superior on Nuke and Vertigo. Inferno is going to be anyone’s match; a fine specimen for the decider map, if I may add.

Roster Alterations

We’ve already talked about C9’s roster shenanigans, so let’s focus on Gen.G here. As you may know, daps stepped down from the starting roster on 11th September, and Gen.G were forced to sign cxzi as a temporary stand-in. Danny “czxi” Strzelczyk was pretty stellar against both Liquid and FURIA, so perhaps we’ll see him even after ESL Pro League S12 ends.

I reckon that heavily depends on how he performs against Cloud9…

Despite daps stepping down, I still believe Gen.G’s players will come into this one with fresher heads than dismantled Cloud9. I’ve said it several times before and I’ll say it again – I like what C9 are doing with their new roster… but I also think the current one, the one that’s going to play against Gen.G tomorrow, is not going to be bothered to close their C9 era with a win.

Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Betting Predictions
Gen.G to Win!

Cloud9 is actually the favorite here… for some reason. Don’t ask me why – I’m clueless. I mean, it’s not that big of a difference anyway, but I’d really love to know why bookies are favoring C9 in this one.

Please Note:
C9 is superior in some departments, but given all the circumstances related to roster changes and qualification for the playoffs, Gen.G definitely has the upper hand.

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