GODSENT vs. Spirit Picks | DreamHack Masters Spring Group C Betting Predictions

Godsent Vs Spirit Dreamhack

We’ve had mixed luck with our DreamHack Masters Spring EU betting predictions. If you’ve followed all my tips thus far, you should be pretty close to a level heading. It’s not the ideal result, I’m well aware of it, but that’s just our luck of the draw for this particular event. Nothing we can do about lost wagers anymore…

What we can do, though, is focus on GODSENT vs. Spirit predictions. It’s the final match of round C that will decide who goes through to the playoffs.

Faze Clan is untouchable on the top spot with three wins and not a single loss. Next up is Team Spirit. They’re safe too, even if they lose. Fnatic, on the other hand, needs Spirit to win to go through. Otherwise, if GODSENT wins, Fnatic is out of the equation…

Yep, this match has all the makings of a proper treat so let’s jump right into the analysis!

GODSENT vs. Spirit Predictions

Spirit’s victory against Fnatic in the first round of group C was one of the biggest upsets on the competition. It might very well be the surprise that eliminates Fnatic right off the group stage. Spirit almost surprised Faze Clan too. It took two overtimes to settle this one in Faze’s favor. Talk about resilience and stubbornness coming from the CIS side.

In terms of Spirit’s individual performers, all five of their players can explode at any given moment and create havoc out there on the server.

It’s all random, to be honest, I wasn’t able to recognize any patterns even after carefully examining both of their DH Masters Spring EU matches thus far.

As for GODSENT, maden’s form is in somewhat of a decline, but it’s nothing too significant. As long as zehN and STYKO are on top of their game, our GODSENT vs. Spirit predictions shouldn’t be endangered! Wait what? Am I really going with GODSENT again? Let’s see…

Let’s not forget about GODSENT’s new addition – farlig. Ex-Copenhagen Flames starter, the Danish AWPer might not be the most experienced replacement for maikelele. However, he’s been the highest rated player in the first two matches of this event, meaning the transitions was as painless as they come. If he manages to transition his stats to the match against Spirit, I’m sure GODSENT will eliminate Fnatic and reach the quarterfinals.

GODSENT vs. Spirit Predictions

Once again, I’m going with GODSENT. Yep, they did let me down against4 Faze Clan, but that was a much riskier bet. This time around, I’m not even sure why they’re labeled as outsiders. I mean, sure, Spirit defeated Fnatic, but I’m still positive they’re nothing more than a one-trick pony of this event. At +155, I really love our odds here. The value is present, that’s for sure… so feel free to set aside extra funds for this one.

CS:GO Betting FAQ | A Quick Look at the Most Common Problems

Finally, before wrapping up our GODSENT vs. Spirit predictions, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding betting on CS:GO:

How Does CS:GO Betting Work?

If you’re just starting out and you’ve never had any prior experience with online betting (be it on sports or esports), you might be wondering how the whole system works. After all, one thing is to go to a brick and mortar shop and another thing is to do everything online without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

So, how does online CS:GO betting work?

Well, for starters, online CS:GO betting is, in most countries, the only available form of betting on esports. Brick and mortar shops aren’t that popular anymore, and the only people that still use them are tech-illiterates and people who base their days around a brick and mortar shop adventure.

Betting online significantly simplifies the process of placing wagers. All you need is some sort of a card (Visa, MasterCard, and similar bunch), or another means of online payment, and you should be good to go. Simply register for an account on an online bookmaker, deposit some money into your betting bankroll and you’re set to place your first online wager!

Is CS:GO Betting Safe?

What about safety? Sharing your personal and credit card info online isn’t such a good idea, right? Well, not necessarily. You see, if you use one of the most popular online bookmakers with CS:GO odds, you shouldn’t have any security concerns.

Their anti-exploit systems are typically as good as they come, and they possess all the necessary certificates for online transactions.

If, however, you venture into the depths of unknown (read fishy) bookies, then your personal information might be at risk.

How to Find the Best Value?

If you’re serious about your CS:GO betting endeavors, then finding value is the thing that needs to worry you the most. If you can’t find value, you won’t be on the right path.

People tend to think winning tickets is far more important than finding the best value, but I’d like to argue otherwise.

I’m not saying finding value is more important, I’m saying they’re equal. Every good esports bettor needs to do both to become consistent in the green – remember that!

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