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Heroic Vs Mad Lions

Here we have another grandiose Danish matchup. There’s no Astralis, this time around, but we still have the second and third-best Danish teams out there, Heroic and MAD Lions! These Danish teams have been rising for quite a while now. MAD Lions already asserted their dominance earlier this year by winning Flashpoint Season 1 and taking half a million dollars. Heroic won two smaller events (#HomeSweetHome W5 and Loot.Bet CS S6) so we can’t say they’ve been slouching either. Knowing these successful campaigns on both ends, our Heroic vs. MAD Lions predictions will be that much more difficult to analyze.

Still, that doesn’t mean we won’t do our best!

In the next few paragraphs, we won’t just talk about the best CS:GO bookies or their generous bonuses… We won’t just emphasize the key contests and results in recent months and mention head to head matches as a rock-solid stat for choosing the side you’ll be going with. Nope!

We’ll be going much deeper than that, exploring the depths of the map pool, assessing the newest roster alterations, going through the past campaigns and individual forms. As stated earlier, Heroic vs. MAD Lions predictions will be tricky… but if anyone’s up to the task, it’s us!

Heroic vs. MAD Lions Predictions

Starting off with our Heroic vs. MAD Lions predictions, it’s important for you to know the importance of having a good bookmaker by your side. This is especially true for beginners who are yet to put a ring on one.

That said, let’s take a moment to discuss esports betting bonuses before moving onto more concrete things like recent results, head to head matches, individual stats, and so on.

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Recent Results

As far as recent results go, Heroic has just two minor titles to brag with. We mentioned them earlier – #HomeSweetHome Week 5 and Loot.Bet/CS Season 6. They have three wins in their last five matches, though, and against pretty solid competitors. We’re talking Fnatic, North and ENCE – Heroic defeated all three of them. As for MAD Lions, they lost against PACT, NiP, and NaVi… Not the best track record, huh?

MAD Lions, on the other hand, had several solid campaigns where they reached well into the playoffs, but just couldn’t outlast their opponents in the crucial elimination matches. Their Flashpoint S1 triumph is a totally different story, though. They were absolutely amazing out there. Yes, haters will say the competition wasn’t that good, which is true to an extent, but that doesn’t make MAD Lions’ triumph any less valuable.

But, there’s one thing that struck MAD Lions’ plans more than recent results… As many of you know already, Bubzkji is no longer a part of the team. Astralis snatched the 22-year-old Danish prodigy and left MAD lions with a huge dent in their starting roster. Sure, the second-best Danish side (at least for the moment) was quick to sign Innocent from Illuminar Gaming, but it’s safe to say the 26-year-old Polish CS veteran has some big shoes to fill.

Bubzkji’s absence will show off on the match, that’s for sure. Heck, his absence is bound to be a major part of our final Heroic vs. MAD Lions predictions. After all, we’re here to bet on CS:GO and concrete news and roster alterations such as this one are always important for skewing decisions one way or the other.

Map Pool Info

Map pool is in favor of Heroic; it was never even a contest. If we’re looking at both teams’ performances over the last three months, the only map that MAD Lions could have a shot against Heroic at is Mirage. Well, Overpass too, but that’s Heroic’s permaban so there’s no point in talking about it.

So yeah, Heroic is the clear winner in this department!

Head to head matches, though, paint a totally different picture. These two teams played seven times, and MAD Lions have five wins. If we’re just looking at 2020, MAD Lions won all three matches, two of which were two-and-o Bo3 contests.

Heroic Vs Mad Lions Past Matches

Individual Prowess

With Bubzkji out of the equation, I’d say Heroic is the front-runner in terms of individual player qualities. They have three in-form players… well, they were in-form before the players’ summer break at least. I’m referring to stavn, niko and TeSeS. Stavn is the most consistent of the trio. If nothing else works out, I’m sure he’ll be the man to push Heroic forward against MAD Lions.

As for MAD, I really doubt Innocent will be able to fill Bubzkji’s shoes… at least not this soon. Yes, he kept showing off excellent performances for Illuminar, but MAD Lions are on a whole new level and the 26-year-old might be shellshocked once real matches start popping up.

If we take everything we just mentioned into account, I’m sure we can agree that Heroic is the superior side in this department. That said, let’s wrap everything up and call it a day:

Heroic vs. MAD Lions Predictions
Heroic to Win

Yep, I’m going with a simple match-winner bet here. Heroic to win at -286 is the perfect mixture of a low-risk single. If you’re in it for the big bucks, feel free to include this one as a part of a larger accumulator. Just don’t go over the top with the stake and you should be all good!

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